Pegasystems Introduces Pega GDPR Accelerator to Help Companies Fast Track Regulatory Readiness

New Update

Pegasystems, the software company empowering customer engagement, announced Pega® GDPR Accelerator – a set of customizable templates for Pega software that helps businesses accelerate compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


When GDPR becomes effective on May 25, EU residents will have unprecedented powers to view, limit, or even erase any information businesses collect about them. And the demand will likely be significant. According to a recent Pega study of 7,000 EU residents, 82 percent plan to exercise these new GDPR rights when the regulation goes into effect. But saddled with legacy systems, most global businesses are unprepared to track and gather this information on demand across their siloed organizations. This could result not only in the loss of valuable customer data but also massive fines of up to four percent of global revenue for non-compliance.

To address this extraordinary IT infrastructure challenge, Pega GDPR Accelerator provides a set of customizable GDPR templates and sample best practices extensions for Pega Customer Service application andPega Platform users. These templates enable companies to quickly stand up an automated GDPR request portal that fetches customer data spread across the enterprise. Pega’s underlying digital process automation (DPA) software orchestrates these requests across highly dispersed global systems – even when no APIs are available. This allows businesses to manage GDPR-related requests with security and accountability while providing a full picture of their customer’s data.

With years of leadership in DPA, customer relationship management (CRM), and artificial intelligence (AI), Pega software is uniquely suited to handle the anticipated onslaught of GDPR-related consumer requests through these capabilities:

  • Dynamic case management for rapidly establishing and orchestrating the GDPR processes that every business will need to enforce and audit across the enterprise.
  • Pega Workforce Intelligence to track workflows and identify inefficiencies in GDPR response processes.
  • Pega Robotic Automation to automate and streamline manual, repetitive tasks involved in GDPR compliance to save time and resources.
  • Pega Customer Decision Hub with AI to sense and mitigate customer dissatisfaction that could lead to future GDPR erasure events.
  • Pega Customer Decision Hub’s T-Switch to empower businesses to control the level of transparency within their AI systems and ensure the logic behind each automated decision is explainable to GDPR regulators.

Pega offers the only GDPR solution that combines DPA and customer engagement software in one powerful unified offering. Powered by AI, Pega Customer Service empowers service agents with next-best action suggestions in real time to help provide exceptional customer experiences and avoid poor service that can trigger GDPR requests. Pega Customer Service is built on Pega Platform, the market-leading DPA software that connects disparate systems to drive operational excellence. These powerful capabilities can also support third-party CRM solutions that businesses may already have in place.

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