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Peer group connects very important: Nikhil Rungta, Verizon Media

The Covid-19 outbreak is making the world economy rethink on a variety of areas. One key aspect challenging CEOs and the top management is: how do you maintain the organizations from not falling apart owing to the pandemic. How do you keep employees and their families motivated?

Here, Nikhil Rungta, Country Manager, Verizon Media, tells us more. Excerpts:

DQ: How are you and your organization handling the Covid-19 outbreak?

Nikhil Rungta: In an attempt to check in on employees globally and being transparent, Guru Gowrappan, CEO, Verizon Media, and the leadership, hold daily virtual Q&A sessions with the employees to relay updates, company news, etc., and answer any pressing questions they may have. Verizon Media has also developed a daily newsletter to provide employees with Covid-19 updates and resources; and WFH tips.

DQ: What are the short and long-term strategies that you have now taken for the organization?

Nikhil Rungta: Verizon Media’s employees have created peer groups to connect with their colleagues and provide interactive content for their families.

For instance, our employees have launched a daily activity for VM families — #forthekids. For this, employees host storytime, a magic show, a fun workout, a Q&A, etc., with a loved one who has an interesting job, or lead an activity for all of the VM-team kiddos.

Verizon Media’s Mindfulness team hosts a virtual group meditation, where the daily employees can download the meditation app on their phones. They can access thousands of guided meditations available in 30 different languages and over 200 self-paced learning courses covering topics for beginners and advanced meditators.

Verizon Media is also offering its employees and household members 24/7 confidential crisis support and virtual counseling sessions globally.

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