Paytm targets 250 million items run rate in fashion

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Paytm has grown to more than 4 times Year over Year. The company’s orders have leapfrogged from 300k orders a month to 2 mn orders a month during the same time. Over 50 percent of the volume is contributed by fashion and accessories products. Paytm has already captured significant market share in the fashion categories.

Sudhanshu Gupta, Vice President - Paytm, said “We already do significant share of online business for some of our partner brands. For example we are amongst the top 2 online channel partners for brands such as Nivea with over 15 percent market share, Spykar with over 30percent market share, Trendin where we contribute to more than 50 percent of their marketplace volumes. Apart from that we also work very closely with brands such as Unilever, L’oreal, Only, Vera Moda, Jack & Jones and more”

He further added, "In the coming year, we will continue to capture significant market share with our brand store proposition. We already have 1000 brand stores that are live with us wherein the brands directly control the merchandising, pricing and promotions and invest in marketing their products on the platform. More than half of these stores belong to fashion brands. Cumulative spend by the brands on the platform is already above 1 cr a month and is increasing at a 50 percent rate month on month."

Paytm is committed to become the market leader in the category and will continue adding more brands and SME’s from across the country to enable them to market their products to consumers. Paytm has also set aside a budget of Rs. 200 crore exclusively for that objective.

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