As part of the Digital journey, Quatrro has implemented various digitized solutions

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Going Digital - what does it mean to you and your organization?

For me: Digitization means “Simplification of Doing Business”. For Organization: Digitize all support and Businesses to be the leader in automation and digitization that leads to Customer acquisition, retention and achieve Customer satisfaction. What is your

Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in?


Quatrro being a BPO/KPO company with 4000+ associates around the Globe offering business and knowledge processing services to Enterprises, SMB clients and Retail Customers seeking higher operational efficiency, greater flexibility, and lower operational efficiency with enablement of IT from acquiring Customers to retention of Customers. Quatrro is a leading company in innovating and adopting digital journey across support and business functions across geographies. As part of the Digital journey, Quatrro has implemented various digitized solutions from its inception- a decade back. Some of the key Go-digital initiatives that significantly contribute to the TCO are:

  • Adoption of Cloud technology: Apart from basic infrastructure services being hosted in the Cloud, various key business Platforms, Applications and Databases are hosted in the Cloud that extends seamless work access to users and client representatives in a secured environment.  Apart from the normal benefits of Cloud services, adoption to cloud helping us compliant to Data retention as per the rule-of-land of concerned countries.
  • Most of the workloads like content URL filtering & content scanning, Ticketing tool, HR stack of Solutions and Services, HR Micro-Services, Mailing solution, Client portals, DB Servers etc. are currently hosted in the Could resulting in significant benefits to Business in cost to acquire to fast adoption to each of secure access to their business Data.
  • Replacement of 6 different user collaboration tools with a single solution in the cloud helped unification of users across geographies and also helped bring the business and client users closure to each other.
  • Adoption of Virtualization and VDI solutions significantly reduced Data Center foot-print and the huge saving in Capex and Opex and helped reduce power bill significantly apart from the other benefits.

Likewise, at every stage, Quatrro works to digitize workloads irrespective of their size and volume but with key target as “how to make business simplified”.

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