Pakistan is spying on you using 4 apps: Ministry of Home Affairs

In today’s emerging era of digitization worldwide, smartphone usage is ubiquitous. But we all know that smartphones are not safe and are susceptible to virus attacks. The smartphone security vulnerability allows hackers to access your virtual information easily through apps and others features. Once users download the app, they become prone to attacks by agreeing to share a lot of data on device with the app. Some apps request to share very limited data whereas other apps access lot of data on the device. Due to this reason many apps are banned by the Google Play Store and other stores. Smartphone users are always advised to download apps with caution.

According to the recent reports, there are four apps that Indians are using which can cause a serious threat to them. As per reports, the Ministry of Home Affairs has requested Indians to delete these apps immediately as it is stealing their confidential data and making people prone to cyber-crime. Though the reports are still not official but the four apps claimed to be dangerous are: Top Gun (game app), Mpjunkie (music app), Bdjunkie (video app) and Talking Frog (entertainment app). The officials also advised users to change passwords for various accounts and apps at regular intervals to cut down on possibilities of cyber attack.

According to the reports, these apps are tied up with spy agents in the neighboring country, Pakistan who steal your data from your device. In this age of digitalization, nobody wants to suffer and as cyber- crime is on rise, implementation of innovative and full-proof security features is essential. These apps steal sensitive data which can then be misused further. People tend to store a lot of personal data on smartphones and become prone to attacks. Hence it is advisable to read terms and condition of apps before downloading them. It is also recommended not to store any sensitive data on your device which can be easily accessible as security is of utmost importance in today’s world.

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