Our tutoring is more fun, interactive, and exploratory

What is the concept behind TutorVista?
Launched in 2005, TutorVista is an online tutoring company providing
affordable tutoring and test preparation. We use technology to bring high
quality, affordable, convenient, one-on-one tutoring to the students home or
school using highly qualified tutors. It conjoins technology, global resource
(Indian tutors), and the Internet to provide affordable tutoring services to
students across the world.

We also offer live online tutorial services to students in the US, the UK,
and India, and have 600 teachers spread across the country, providing online
tutorial service to students from grade 1 to 12.

How does TutorVista differentiate itself from the other online tuition
Our tutoring service makes studying more fun, interactive, and exploratory.
The tutors are trained in instructional pedagogy that stresses on engaging the
students to maximize learning. Moreover our services are live services as
opposed to content dump. The tutor engages the student in practice sessions, and
there is also an online assessment system to analyze the students performance
and identify the weak and strong areas so more attention can be bestowed.

The tutor and the student can communicate with each other either through
voice or chat.

We have also adopted a subscription model, and charge a standard fee on a
monthly subscription basis instead of the hourly basis.

What is your business model for TutorVista?
The employees of TutorVista working either full-time or part-time are paid a
monthly salary. Our business model is based on flat-rate pricing for unlimited
usage. For $100 per month, a student is entitled to an unlimited amount of
tutoring in any of a wide variety of subjects, or to prepare for any specific
test, with a money-back guarantee if he/she remains unsatisfied.

What services are being offered under TutorVista currently?
At present, we offer services for the CBSE and ICSE boards curriculum in
India. We supplement our services with other educational content (Edurite,
www.edurite.com) as well. There are interactive animations, virtual labs (where
student can conduct experiments), and graphics that explain a concept better. We
also have educational content on CD, DVD, and online formats.

Stuti Das

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