Our solutions provide more functionality

Tell us about the new HP ProCurve PoC lab and its benefits to customers?
The proof of concept (PoC) lab has been set up because of customers demand.
To illustrate, networking plays a vital role for communication and data transfer
for all major businesses. And given this, a lot of information runs on the
network, making availability and network up-time critical for businesses. We
want to test our solutions and demonstrate it to customers to make them aware of
their benefits, and hence, select solutions that can improve their businesses.
Our solutions are based on open standards and provide more functionality.

What are your plans and strategies for the Indian market?
The Indian market has witnessed an exponential growth and will continue on
the path for the next couple of years. The growth is not only in the number of
switches or ports, but also in the customer base. And since customer demand
keeps changing, our strategy is to provide customers with solution that offer
more functionality for the future. We offer an interoperable platform where the
solution can function with multiple vendor environments. With our technology and
channel strategies ProCurve can offer better networking solutions for the Indian

Louis Au Kwok-Leung, VP & GM,
Asia Pacific & Japan, HP ProCurve

How are you geared up for Indian SMBs?
We are an enterprise focused company. The SMB segment has grown stupendously
over the last couple of years. Though ProCurve is an enterprise focused vendor
we have launched new model switches and other networking products focusing on
the SMB segment. With a wide presence of channel partners across India we plan
to reach the SMBs. There is no special pricing for SMB; ProCurve offers lifetime
guarantee for solutions and because of this value of our offering is high.

What are your channel strategies?
ProCurve offers its solutions only through partners, and we are planning to
strengthen our channel strategies. We certify our partners in four different
categoriesmaster, expert, professional, and select partnership program. The
expert and master partners are those that focus on technical competency and
services. Channel partners with high volume of sales of our solutions and
products are certified as professional and select partners.

Pradeesh Chandran

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