Our products are completely scalable

How important is India from a global market perspective?
WatchGuard views India as a key market for its unified threat management (UTM)
appliances and services. We closely work with our distributors and resellers to
ensure the utmost traction in the marketplace. The key regions we will focus on
this year will be Bangalore and Chennai in South, Mumbai in West, and Delhi (to
cover North and East).

How are your products different from those available in the market?
There are three key areas that truly set WatchGuard apart. The first is
scalability. Our products are completely scalable within each product family. As
a company grows or shrinks, the Firebox X product line can be scaled by simply
changing a feature key. This is an easy process and does not require the
hardware to be removed from the rack or discarded. We also offer enhanced
security. Most manufacturers of firewalls or UTM appliances chose to use only
one method of securing against viruses, the use of signatures.

Who are the core clientele that you are planning to target? Will you
target B- and C-class cities as well?
There are key verticals that we will focus on and have had great success
with in the past. These verticals are finance, education, government,
manufacturing, and IT/ITeS. We will remain a focused company, and are in fact
finding great success in enterprise-class sales as well as, in medium-sized

Rachna Gupta

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