Umashankar N, CTO, 1CloudHub

Our Partnership with Crayon Software has Helped us Add Cloud Resource Billing and Spend Management Services: Umashankar N, 1CloudHub

Chennai based 1CloudHub is a multi-cloud SI. In a candid interaction with Dataquest, Umashankar N, CTO, 1CloudHub shared their journey with Crayon Software.

Q. Tell us about your company?

A. We are cloud thinkers, engineers and transformation enablers. Our cloud services are focused on large enterprises SAP Migration, Big Data and Analytics Services for Multi-TB datasets for both batch and real time streaming data. We have enterprise and digital native customers across pan India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our offerings are niche in the market on SAP environments re-platforming into Cloud, from on premise platforms like AIX.

Q. Tell us about your journey with Crayon Software so far?

A. Crayon Software is our partner for Cloud Provisioning and Spend Management. With their platform CloudIQ, we are able to deliver integrated services on both Azure and AWS Platform. 1CloudHub, started our journey with Crayon Software by packaging our Azure solutions and have been ramped up to include niche customers on AWS as well. Crayon helped us to be extremely nimble in on-boarding customers on cloud and have made it self-service for us in terms of new customer on boarding on their CloudIQ platform. This makes it easier to plan the on boarding ourselves and helps provide a seamless experience to our customers.

Q. How do Crayon Software solutions help organizations grow?

A. Our partnership with Crayon Software has helped us add cloud resource billing and spend Management services on top of our cloud consulting, build and 24×7 managed services with both AWS and Azure. This also helps us with the necessary visibility to provide a seamless cost optimization and control solution on our enterprise customer’s cloud spends.

Q. How can customers leverage the different solutions offered by Crayon Software?

A. By engaging with Crayon Software and 1CloudHub, customers can be assured of consistent user experience of getting it right one time and every time. This experience starts right from planning, on-boarding, keeps continuing into run and manages at steady state with effective monthly cost management.

Q. Where is the maximum traction coming, from different verticals for cloud services?

A. Talking about verticals, logistics, manufacturing and internet services are some which are eagerly adopting cloud. Organizations which are either in rapid agile expansion phase or looking to consolidate and gain cost control are eagerly adopting cloud. This also depends on the market segment and the cloud adoption maturity. In Asia, which is our operative market, with enterprises in India and Singapore. The focus is more on leveraging data and adopting AI and ML as well as migrating critical workloads like SAP to AWS and Azure. In markets like Indonesia and Malaysia, the focus is more on setting up the Backup and Disaster recovery and largely building the TCO and moving customer facing sites.

By Ankit Parashar


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