Nagaraj Ponnuswamy, Executive Director, India Private Limited

Our Partnership with Crayon Software has been a Business and Cultural Fit: Nagaraj Ponnuswamy, (I) P Ltd is a globally awarded and recognized cloud solution provider, focused on delivering business value, growth and competitiveness for their customers through effective leverage of leading-edge technology solutions. In a talk with Dataquest, Nagaraj Ponnuswamy, Executive Director, Quadrasystems. net shared leading edge technologies and working experience with Crayon Software. With over 36 global awards, 3000+ customers, 500+ certifications and 100+ published case studies, the company is well poised to help their customers build Intelligent Enterprises and put them firmly on the path to digital transformation.

Q. Tell us about your journey with Crayon Software so far?

A. Our partnership with Crayon Software has been a business and cultural fit right from day one of our interaction. We see Crayon as an organization which is committed to the true spirit of partnership, and as an able ally in our GTM efforts to provide the most cost effective licensing solutions for our customers. Crayon is one of those rare organizations where the culture and commitment to partner success percolates right from the top management to the field level, resulting in both our organizations being tight knit entities working to help our customers transform.

Q. How do Crayon solutions help organizations grow?

A. Crayon offers a wide range of licensing solutions and software asset management services that help our customers take control of their IT costs, and ensure that their IT investments are always optimized and in tune with their business needs.

Q. How can customers leverage the different solutions offered by Crayon Software?

A. Quadra’s award winning services and Crayon’s expertise in providing licensing solutions provide our customers with the best possible combination of solutions they need to make their businesses more agile and keep pace with rapid industry transformation.

Q. Where is the maximum traction coming, from different vertical for cloud services?

A. The runaway success of born in the cloud companies has made out an effective case for even traditional enterprises to adopt cloud solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and reach out to new markets. We are seeing strong demand for cloud services across verticals, and among businesses both large and small.

Q. What are the different training programmes offered by Crayon to understand the latest technology?

A. Crayon organizes regular training sessions that help us keep up to date with the latest industry trends. More importantly, our close knit field relationship means that both organizations regularly exchange information and actively learn on the job, with a single minded focus on delivering customer value.

By Ankit Parashar

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