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How is Pegasystems committed to BPM in India?

While other vendors were acquiring smaller companies, we were committed to

our vision of maintaining leadership. We have grown a lot in the last two years.

Our direct presence in India is almost two and a half years old. We expect our

revenues to double in the next two and a half years. We intend to strengthen our

base in India. There are various sectors that we would like to concentrate on,

namely insurance, telecom, banking, etc.


What specific plans have been chalked out for India in the future?

India and China are the two major emerging markets that offer a lot of

potential, and we have chalked out unique plans for both these nations. There

are a few key verticals that we would like to focus on, namely banking,

insurance, healthcare, government, life sciences, telecom, etc. These are

segments that hold a lot of promise. Telecom is one promising sector that is

supposed to explode with a huge number of customers, and we intend to tap this

segment too. We have plans for direct sales for this year. We basically intend

to double the R&D base in our organization as we lay major bets on our products.

What are Pegasystems plans regarding cloud computing?

Currently, cloud computing offers a lot of prospect and we intend to

capitalize on it with our plans in tow. Pegasystems would offer cloud computing

offers in collaboration with Amazon for the development and enterprise level at

one-fifth the cost. Reduction in costs would prove beneficial for many



What is your USP over your competitors?

Our award winning SmartBPM suite is popular among businesses as it helps

improve customer service, tap new markets and boost operational effectiveness.

SmartBPM unifies business rules and processes into composite applications that

leverage the existing systems. Thus, it empowers businesses and IT staff to

build for change, deliver value quickly and outperform their competitors.

Pegasystems suite, which is a combination of business rules and business

processes, offers a cutting edge over its competitors in the market. Basically,

our offerings are based on requirements and bring a blend between business and

IT. This in our view is one of the positive aspects that lets us stay one step

ahead of our competitors.

Shilpa Shanbhag

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