Our endeavour is to ensure we improve the quality of care delivered to our patients: MyHealthcare

This ecosystem includes the Patient Platform, Homecare Platform, Hospital Platform, and the MyHealthcare Enterprise Application.

Aanchal Ghatak
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The health IT business, MyHealthcare was established in 2017. Through all treatments and services provided by the MyHealthcare, the ecosystem aids in creating an organised repository of a patient's clinical data and longitudinal history. The Patient Platform, Homecare Platform, Hospital Platform, and the MyHealthcare Enterprise Application are all parts of this ecosystem. In an interview Shyatto Raha, Founder and CEO, tells more: Excerpts

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What are you doing to reach out to people all across India?

India ranks 150 among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare. In mature markets, for patient care in hospitals almost 95% to 99% of all the processes are driven by technology globally. If you look at India, I think we’re in the early days of using technology to improve the quality of care that hospitals and doctors are trying to deliver. Taking advantage of the growing mobile internet and broadband internet penetration across India, MyHealthcare provides an effective digital technology enabled healthcare ecosystem, that connects patients with doctors, hospitals, homecare services, diagnostics services, and pharmacy. Our focus is to use technology enabled healthcare delivery to create a connected care continuum and deliver better patient care outcomes. MyHealthcare is designed to assist hospitals and clinics in building their patient engagement and scaling their digital healthcare roadmap.


How are you helping in democratising healthcare in India? What are the results so far?

In today’s scenario, health-tech companies are leading the democratisation of the healthcare industry and reshaping the experience of patients. Over the past 2 years, technology has made its presence felt across the healthcare industry. The democratisation of healthcare involves increased knowledge, convenience, and most importantly empowerment of patients to manage their healthcare needs seamlessly, including effective and timely preventive health interventions. Patient centric platforms such as our ecosystem help in building a structured, centralised repository of a patient’s clinical data and patient longitudinal history, across all interventions and services offered it. 

MyHealthcare Ecosystem connects across the provider network of hospitals and other healthcare institutions and helps deliver care to patients, wherever they may be. The ecosystem tracks, analyses and delivers a patient’s clinical information to them in a meaningful and effective way, allowing them to use the platform to manage their health needs. Tech has helped evolve the way patients and doctors interact with each other.


It helps in building a complete personal health record, whereby all medical records, clinical history of a patient is created and archived in a central repository, to manage a patient from diagnosis to cure. The MyHealthcare Ecosystem maps the patient’s journey from booking an appointment, the consultation with the doctor physically or virtually, delivery of the e-prescription, delivery of services such as diagnostics or pharmacy or homecare, follow up consults or referrals, all delivered within the ecosystem. Patients are empowered to manage their healthcare needs through the Personal Health Record (PHR) platform which is integrated with FDA approved health trackers and IoT devices. When a patient comes into our ecosystem, they're able to get care across all our partner hospitals and diagnostics providers, thereby becoming a single window for patient care management.

Results speak for themselves; we have seen a repeat patient rate of over 47% and growing MoM.We are focused on leveraging the potential of a digital healthcare ecosystem to bridge the care delivery gaps using data-driven care processes that make healthcare accessible across the country. Our digital healthcare system is presented as a B2B and B2B2C platform, working with leading hospitals, clinics, diagnostics service providers, e-pharmacies, homecare providers, and clinical device companies to build an integrated healthcare ecosystem. We are using the advantages of internet penetration, digital technology, AI, and cloud technology to increase the accessibility of quality healthcare and make it more efficient. Our contribution to democratise healthcare in India has been recognised by NASSCOM.

Elaborate on the Patient Platform, Homecare Platform, Hospital Platform, and MyHealthcare Enterprise Application.


For doctors and care providers, the ecosystem enhances their efficiency with our Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which has been designed and developed by clinicians. The use of augmented intelligence, AI based voice to text functionalities, evidence based CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) – all contribute towards delivering accurate and effective diagnosis, faster and more efficiently. Additional tools such as polypharmacy alerts, drug / salt interaction alerts, clinical alerts and early warning signs help improve the quality of diagnosis and care.

Our integrated remote patient monitoring (MyHealthcare@Home) helps in creating a care continuum for the patient, post discharge or for chronic care – all managed remotely. Through device integrations, video connectivity and appropriate clinical data alerts, care providers are equipped to manage a patient’s care from a centralised command centre, monitored and managed by clinicians. We can track vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, blood oxygenation (SPO2) and blood sugar in real-time. 

The ecosystem is designed to help hospitals and healthcare institutions to drive efficiency and improve the effectiveness of healthcare delivery. The enterprise ecosystem integrates across multiple provider platforms and helps hospitals expand their geography of care. The platform improves patient engagement significantly. The platform is built on an open source, microservices, cloud-based architecture, helping reduce operating and technology costs for hospitals. The enterprise system is built with a workflow management process and a task-based interface. Our focus has been to deliver a single screen user experience for hospital operation users, single screen EMR for doctors, clinicians, and nurses. All of this comes together in helping digitalise healthcare delivery, across all care delivery touchpoints such as OP, IP, ER, care at home and healthcare centres, etc.

What are your plans for 2023?

Towards the later part of the year, we are looking to expand our geography of the ecosystem across South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa. We see a significant opportunity in taking Indian healthcare technology to the world instead of the other way around. While we grow, technology innovation will be core to building a scalable and robust healthcare ecosystem.