'Our customers should be able to do what they do best'

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Tata Honeywell, which recently forayed into the security solution space is

eyeing major growth opportunities in India. In an interview with Rahul Gupta of

CyberMedia News, Bhaskar Ganguly who heads the company's security division,

spoke about the company's current standing and its plans ahead.


What are the various initiatives that Tata Honeywell has taken in terms of

providing security solutions to the IT industry?

Extensive market research was conducted all around the country and road

shows were conducted in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore, where a forum

was created for exchange of views with customers on security applications, so

that we can customize security applications to meet the customers' needs. We

have studied BS7799 and have solutions to meet the functional requirements.

Does Tata Honeywell provide any assistance to BPO companies in getting

BS7799 certification done? What are the various measures BPO companies should

take before going for any security certification?

We provide security solutions to meet the standard's functional

requirements whether it is the surveillance or the control of access to the

facility, we however do not provide the certification.

As per ISO 17799/BS7799 facilities should have security perimeters to protect

areas from physical access such as server room, computer rooms, filing cabinets,

etc. There should be security arrangements at all external doors and accessible

windows. Visitors to secure areas should be supervised.


Bhaskar Ganguly 

Access to sensitive information should be controlled and restricted to

authorized persons only. Authentication controls, e.g. swipe cards plus pin,

should be used to authorize and validate all access.

What sort of security solutions Tata Honeywell provides to the IT and ITeS


Tata Honeywell Security Solutions offers solutions that can assist IT and ITeS
units in meeting their security and surveillance needs in line with ISO

17799/BS7799. We have access control system (includes security levels by

providing swipe (smart and proximity) card with pin and finger print reader,

closed circuit television system, Honeywell security manager that helps in

integrating all the security systems.


Apart from security, what are the other services and solutions you provide

to IT and BPO industry?

The other solutions that Tata Honeywell provides include integrated

automation and software solutions that increase productivity in industry,

provide comfort in work environments and ensure safety of home and business

premises. Tata Honeywell also applies control technology for non-industrial use

by providing efficient controls for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire

alarms and integrated building management solutions for large commercial

buildings and industrial complexes.

What are the plans ahead?

We'll continue our customer contact program through which we hope to raise

awareness of security automation within IT and ITeS industry. We have developed

solutions targeted specifically for these segments as we continue we would like

to bring more integration of all systems into the process, our customers should

be able to do what they do best rather than worrying about security.

Some of our customers include KPIT Cummins, Tata Interactive, TCS and

Cognizant and w2e generated around Rs 342 crore revenue last year.