Our Bangalore center has grown by over 500%

What trends do you see in mobile device management
space in terms of enterprise mobility?

There is a significant macro trend for enterprise mobility. Mobile device
management (MDM) is a key enabler for enterprise mobilitya capability for IT to
remotely protect and control their mobile devices and the enterprise data on
them. There is another broader trend in enterprise mobility, where there is an
increasing proportion of hosted solutions.

The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and
security of a mobile communications network and minimize downtime and costs. How
would your solution address such challenges?

MDM plays a very significant role by ensuring that the device is remotely
manageable. IT (or the operator) can remotely determine the status of the device
and services on it and take action to resolve any issues or faults with a target
outcome that the devices and services are always working and optimized. Without
MDM, employees need to bring the device to IT so that they can physically have
access to it. The key function to support security policies or bring
manageability or reduce downtime includes: IT has remote OTA access to
device-device status; accurately tracks device inventory and centrally manage
devices; secures the device and data with passwords; encryption; feature lock;
continually manages applications, software, and policies; and easily deploys
software, patches, updates to users/groups.

How would you deal with scalability in the MDM space?
We work with some of the largest mobile operators in the world and supports
millions of subscribers. One component of the solution monitors every device and
user connection onto a mobile network. The platform has a range of logic to
determine whether there needs to be any interaction with a devicealerts the
user, connects the device to the server, updates the firmware, changes the
settings, etc.

What is the significance of the Bangalore Center to the
overall growth of Mformation?
Over the past five years, the Bangalore Development Center has grown by over
500%, nearly 200 highly skilled and educated technical staff have been
recruited. The India operation is the central hub for Mformations product
engineering. All technical activities, including client and server side
development engineering, quality assurance, device release and certification
programs, technical support, R&D, and customer deployment are driven by the
India operation.

PC Suraj

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