Our aim is to make India a knowledge superpower

What steps should be taken by the Indian companies to make India
a knowledge nation?
This has to begin within the organization itself. The steps should include
putting an infrastructure in place for knowledge sharing and communication
between its employees; creating repositories for knowledge sharing so that even
if any employee leaves the organization, the knowledge would be retained by the
organization; and creating and disseminating content among the employees. But,
the question now arises as to how to reward people for knowledge sharing. The
answer is simplerecognize and create knowledge champions and their role. Most
importantly, whatever is being done internally should also be replicated
externally as an enterprise goes forward.

What is the role of the Indian government in this regard?
The goal of making India a knowledge superpower cannot be achieved without
the active support of the Indian government, and in realizing this goal, the
Department of Information Technology and the Department of Science and Research
are with us. The area where the Indian government can work is creating knowledge
portals, which is at the moment being driven by MindTree. But, the need of the
hour is to bring all these portals under a neutral umbrella so rival companies
can easily share the knowledge with the neutral body for the portal. CII could
be the neutral body for this and provide a platform for sharing and aggregating
knowledge. The second is to create infrastructure and enable ecosystem for it to
flourish and, lastly, generate more intellectual property and PhDs in India.
Sadly, we are lagging behind in this area and a lot needs to be done.

The general perception is that it is only the IT companies that
are active in knowledge sharing. Whats your take on this?
Sadly, this kind of perception prevails. But, we are striving to shatter
this misconception. In fact, the winners of last year were all non-IT companies,
and we have to now make all organizations realize that knowledge is all
pervasive and any company that is using technology in some way or the other can
be engaged in sharing knowledge. This is a major challenge for us at CII to make
the non-IT companies a part of this knowledge sharing initiative and we are
taking all possible steps for this.

What is Knowledge Management India 2007 all about?
This is an initiative by CII to support Indias emergence as a knowledge
leader in a global economy. The summit will discuss building an innovation
ecosystem, creating a better collaborative structure for all stakeholders,
emerging technology trends to harness knowledge like Web 2.0, mashups, mobility,
content management practices, etc. Our aim is to make India a knowledge
superpower by creating knowledge portals and knowledge community. The idea for
hosting the second knowledge management enterprise awards is to put a framework
in place to guide companies on how knowledge enterprises should function. The
more this information is placed in the open domain, the more companies will
benefit out of it.

Stuti Das


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