Our aim is to be a trusted LPO

DQI Bureau
New Update

Legal Process Outsourcing started in India with a not-so-bad first gear.

How fast and furious has the ride been since?

Initially, LPOs were just beginning to develop but as we move ahead, we see

more evidence of their maturity. At Integreon, we can now cite examples like a

seven-year deal with a top UK firm for a whopping $75 mn contract that is almost

a watershed deal in the LPO space.


Do bankruptcy suits mean more business or is the impact on LPOs same as on

other industries?

The impact of todays environment on law firms in mixed. More and more work

will be outsourced but the difference to be seen is how companies in our

industry will benefit. Some clients are going more aggressive than ever. Some

are on the new ways of thinking on how to survive in a difficult time.

Will the fragmentation of legal functions and opening up of standardized

spectrum of legal space spell better signs for LPOs?

Yes, that is an emerging trend. The direction is towards two areas. One, how

is billing changing with the clients. Second, how law firms are managing

internal costs. The way low-end LPO and high-end LPO work will get in a new

order, henceforth will define new slices for LPOs.


What models and outsourcing patterns work in the legal industry?

There are two formatsone is by sub-contracting, and the other by paying

fixed legal fees. Both models are in place. But what we will see more now is a

tripartite relationship between clients, law firms and LPOs.

You have won two high-end deals yourself. Whats it like to work on these

deal and client confidence both in the pre and post deal scenario?

Our motto has always been to be a trusted LPO rather than the largest LPO.

These are not new clients but we have been working with them in the past. We

invested in the trust factor, management team, IT infrastructure, and

complementary services like training, etc. Investing in client comfort is

essential more so with the next level of complex and proprietary solutions.

Is IP and patent work on other industries starting to show LPO money?

Yes, that is a good LPO area. But the biggest segment is still the

litigation business. Meanwhile, e-business, analytics, contract management are

coming up, but they are not as big as litigation work yet.

Pratima Harigunani/CMN