ORISSA: IT In Urban Development 

ORISSA: IT In Urban Development 
Bhubaneswar’s Development Authority has done away with middlemen entirely.

The Bhubanes-war Development
Authority (BDA) functions as a planning body for the development of the city
area. Different housing schemes, industrial parks and commercial areas are
planned by the BDA.

Along with the Bhubaneswar STPI,
BDA has set up a kiosk at its office to facilitate easy flow of information to
those interested in procuring land or space in the city. The city has been
mapped using GIS. This has helped the organization in planning and developing
the unused areas. It has also helped in improving traffic signals at important

The most important development has been the
elimination of the middleman in the deals. It is now possible for an interested
customer to simply walk up to the kiosk and obtain all the information relating
to the present and proposed schemes for housing, commercial and industrial
projects. Besides the schemes, one can get information on the rates for each
scheme and the vacancies and procedures to be followed. This helps in
accomplishing the work faster while doing away with the hassles of following up
by trying to get a file moving in government departments. 

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