Oracle’s Answer to Naysayers: Run Oracle Public Cloud in your own data center

Oracle has upped the ante in the race to cloud dominance in India. Rivals like IBM and Microsoft have opened up domestic data centers to push its cloud business across regulated industries like BFSI and telecom. These industries fear the risk of non-compliance and lack of security by operating out of cloud data centers not based in India.

But Oracle has taken a different route. The company announced Oracle Cloud at Customer, a new suite of offerings, that helps organizations to do everything cloud in cloud style but on-premise and with the added peace of operating it from behind their own firewalls.

The company claims that the new offering removes some of the biggest challenges organizations face when transitioning to the cloud. It provides Chief Information Officers (CIOs) with new choices in where they deploy their enterprise software and a natural path to easily move business critical applications from on-premise to the cloud, according to Oracle’s official announcement that was made to kickstart Oracle CloudWorld Mumbai.

Shawn Price, Oracle’s SVP of Cloud, said, “With today’s launch, Oracle addresses the challenges of tightly regulated industries to help them reap the performance, cost and innovation benefits of Oracle Public Cloud and run it wherever they want – in Oracle Cloud or in their own datacenter.” Shawn is very bullish on the prospects of the Indian market for cloud. He called the market environment to be the “very perfect storm”, referring to the coming together of many forces like digital inclusion, digital governance, start-up movement, and enterprises embracing digital IT. He believes that India could be the largest cloud market in India.

Oracle India chief, Shailender Kumar, said, “This is the first offering from a major public cloud vendor that delivers a stack that is 100 percent compatible with Oracle Cloud, but available on-premises. Oracle Cloud at Customer supports complete control over data, while facilitating data sovereignty and data residency requirements.”

Oracle Cloud at Customer enables organizations to get all of the benefits of Oracle’s cloud services—agility, simplicity, performance, elastic scaling, and subscription pricing—in their datacenter. Since the software is seamless with Oracle Cloud, customers can use it for a number of use cases, including disaster recovery, elastic bursting, dev/test, lift-and-shift workload migration, and with a single API and scripting toolkit for DevOps. Its solutions cover infrastructure, data management, application development, enterprise integration and management.


  1. This article is good and cloud services—agility, simplicity, performance, elastic scaling, and subscription pricing ,India could be the largest cloud market in India.

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