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Oracle Welcomes Cohort of Startups in Delhi

Oracle has announced the first batch of startups for its Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Delhi. Shortlisted from among several hundreds of startup applicants, the new cohort comprises an interesting mix of companies using artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, automation, internet of things (IoT), Chatbots, machine learning, (ML) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

The startups from Delhi are iNICU, RepUp, Original4sure, Digital Agents Interactive and ChatterOn. These startups are leveraging new technology solutions across industries such as hospitality, pharmaceuticals, marketing, finance and cyber security. The startups will be entitled to technical and business mentoring by Oracle and industry experts, along with free Oracle Cloud credits, 24×7 access to a co-working space within Oracle’s premises, as well as access to Oracle’s vast ecosystem of customers, investors and partners.

“We’re pleased with the overwhelming response to the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program. As Indian startups continue to make noticeable strides in technology-led innovation, we are excited to welcome the first batch of startups in Delhi and look forward to helping them scale new heights,” said Sanket Atal, group vice president of Development, Oracle. “Each of the new startups bring a unique proposition to their industry and come with high-growth potential. We’ll continue to encourage bright minds by creating an environment where engineering thrives.”

Details of the new cohort at the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in New Delhi:


  • iNICU enables early diagnosis of critical diseases in neonates by leveraging IoT, AI and predictive analytics, helping improve the overall quality of healthcare.
  • RepUp provides a unified approach for online reputation management for companies in the hospitality industry, using an intelligent process automation solution.
  • Original4sure provides anti-counterfeiting and advanced tracking supply chain solutions to enterprises in the manufacturing sector.
  • Digital Agents Interactive provides interactive enterprise solutions by creating innovative 3D, AR, VR enterprise products and solutions for marketing, sales and training.
  • ChatterOn provides an end-to-end chatbot development platform for companies to deliver a truly omni-channel experience.

According to a report, 20% of the country’s most valuable software companies are now headquartered in Delhi’s national capital region (NCR) metropolitan area. This has also contributed to the rise in the number of startups in the Indian capital, fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship to several startup organizations today.


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