Oracle updates cloud ERP, EPM, SCM & HCM to help customers gain resilience in new normal

Oracle announced a series of updates for its key SaaS applications including ERP, EPM, SCM & HCM

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To help organizations build resilience and agile business amid the COVID 19 pandemic, Oracle announced a series of updates for its key SaaS applications which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP).


The updates to Oracle Fusion ERP and Oracle Fusion EPM will help enable organizations of all sizes to take advantage of innovations quickly and easily in artificial intelligence, digital assistants, and natural language processing. These advancements help finance teams improve decision-making with real-time insights, simplify business processes, and drive efficiencies needed to pivot organizations towards growth.

“2020 has been one of the most challenging years to run a business, putting added pressure on finance teams to balance short-term challenges with longer-term strategic initiatives,” said Rondy Ng, senior vice president of applications development, Oracle. “Our newest innovations help finance teams rapidly adapt to the current economic climate, drive new business models, and improve strategic decision-making; all designed to help our customers define their future.”

The updates to Oracle Cloud SCM will help customers increase collaboration across supply networks, proactively manage supply chain assets, and implement long-term supply chain planning. Organizations can identify new opportunities, rethink processes, and plan and execute across the entire business.


“The last 12 months have stretched supply chains to the limit as organizations wrestle with the disruptions of COVID-19, shifting global trade agreements, rapidly changing customer expectations, and numerous other unforeseen circumstances,” said Rick Jewell, senior vice president, Oracle Applications development. “With the new capabilities within Oracle Cloud SCM, we are helping our customers navigate this complexity and build more adaptable businesses that can respond to today’s challenges and whatever comes next.”

The updates to Oracle HCM will improve both the employee and HR experience by helping HR teams in delivering personalized journeys and growth opportunities for employees, while improving data accuracy for HR teams.

“Employee expectations have been evolving for many years, but after everything that has happened this year, we are now navigating an entirely new workplace with new demands and challenges,” said Chris Leone, senior vice president of development, Oracle Cloud HCM. “This has put many HR teams in an extremely difficult position and we are pleased to be able to deliver much-needed support with the latest updates to Oracle Cloud HCM. The updates make it easy for organizations to deliver a top-notch employee experience while streamlining complex processes for HR in a new and challenging workplace.”

Besides the apps, responding to the increasing momentum in the customer data platform (CDP) market, Oracle also announced a series of new innovations and partner integrations to its Unity CDP which will help brands optimize B2B experiences, predict and personalize customer interactions, eliminate customer blind spots by unifying disparate ad tech and mar tech data, and enhance compliance and time to value. 

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