Oracle Transforms Healthcare with Next-Gen EHR and Generative AI

Oracle has unveiled a suite of innovations aimed at enhancing patient care, optimizing clinical expertise, and driving cost efficiency

Punam Singh
New Update
Oracle EHR platform

Oracle a pioneer in integrated technology ecosystems has unveiled a suite of innovations at the Oracle Health Conference. These innovations are aimed at enhancing patient care, optimizing clinical expertise, and driving cost efficiency within the healthcare industry.


The innovations introduced at the Oracle Health Conference encompassed cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) capabilities, generative artificial intelligence (AI) services, public Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and back office optimizations designed specifically for the healthcare sector.

The next-generation EHR platform introduced at this conference is a platform that prioritizes improving both patient and provider experiences through user-friendly, consumer-grade applications. The Oracle Health EHR platform simplifies patient engagement with an intuitive interface and guided processes, offering self-service options that empower patients while simultaneously alleviating administrative burdens for healthcare providers.

“Our goal is to deliver one of the industry’s best, most functionally rich EHR systems to reduce wasted time, eliminate redundant processes, and add value every step of the way for practitioners and the patients they serve. These enhancements are another step forward in our mission to improve the patient experience by connecting the healthcare ecosystem in a way that enables providers to deliver more efficient and effective care,” said Travis Dalton, executive vice president and general manager of Oracle Health.


With the help of this platform, patients will now be able to conveniently submit their health data using a secure patient portal equipped with advanced document recognition, computer vision, and voice services. This will enable them to upload documents, with the system automatically populating relevant EHR fields or digitally sign HIPAA compliance forms.

Moreover, patients can also schedule appointments and check lab results through simple voice commands within the portal enhancing their overall experience, while providing time-saving benefits and increased operational efficiency for healthcare providers simultaneously.

In addition to the EHR platform, Oracle has also announced a new generative AI capability for healthcare organizations; the Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant. This digital assistant is integrated with Oracle's EHR solutions, leveraging generative AI and voice commands to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks for providers, and empower patients with self-service options. This transformative technology promises to enhance patient engagement, automate note-taking during appointments, and provide content-aware recommendations for physicians.

Oracle also unveiled human resources enhancements, AI-powered workforce management capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, and finance and supply chain enhancements tailored for healthcare organizations.

These innovations by Oracle are set to consolidate disparate systems, automate critical processes, and adapt to evolving healthcare delivery models. Oracle reaffirms its commitment to revolutionize the healthcare industry with these groundbreaking innovations creating seamless and efficient healthcare ecosystems and ultimately improving patient care on a global scale.