Oracle Security Cloud Services make Security Technologies Available Everywhere

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In an exclusive interview with Dataquest, Akshay Aggarwal, Director, Solution Specialist, Oracle India talks about the key security needs for the Indian Market, Advanced Cloud security solutions and Oracle’s security solutions. Excerpts-


Q. What are some of the key security needs for the Indian market?

In the wake of recent information security breaches not just in India but across the world, the risks linked to data exploitation across platforms are burgeoning. Enterprises are therefore taking a 360 degree approach to their information security and are looking to deploy robust information security solutions that enable organizations to efficiently balance the objectives of access, security, and compliance, while enabling user self-services to reduce total cost of ownership.

Akshay Agarwal


Q. What is your perception about security as a concern for Indian enterprise?

India’s digitization focus has led to enterprises adopting a more integrated approach towards information security, though it continues to remain a key concern for Indian enterprises. The surface area of security risk exposure has multiplied because of consumerization, containerization, cloud, mobile, and IoT. The unfortunate part is that organizations are unable to detect and respond to advanced threats which then leads to management challenges. As organizations continue on their cloud journey, they are looking for a security platform which is intelligent, integrated and comprehensive in nature and can manage, better secure and automate processes across hybrid IT environments.

Q. Please share your views on ‘Hybrid security’


Hybrid deployments are ideal to meet the ever-increasing need to consume applications in the cloud, while continuing to serve and maintain on-premises enterprise applications. This requires conscious planning, design and implementation of a security-reinforced Identity and Access Management (IAM) system that extends seamlessly from on-premises to the cloud, protecting both user access and application data. Oracle Cloud was developed to offer secure infrastructure and platform services that are used by Oracle customers to run their mission-critical enterprise workloads and store their data. These capabilities enable Oracle customers to have effective and manageable security, to run their workloads with more confidence, and to deploy trusted hybrid cloud solutions.

Q. How important is security factor when organizations migrate to the cloud?

Security is indeed a key factor. And organizations need to ensure their data is encrypted at rest and when in use. Advanced Cloud security solutions enhance the level of security, thereby reducing the misuse of the critical information and making it much easier for organizations to manage their data.


Q. Does Oracle provide a holistic view to its customers with the help of their offerings? If yes, what are these offerings and how is it different from what competitors are providing?

Oracle’s security solutions enable organizations to implement and manage consistent security policies across the hybrid data center. Oracle security cloud services make leading security technologies available everywhere to organizations large and small.

Oracle’s Identity SOC framework provides next-generation, integrated and intelligent security monitoring, threat detection, analytics and remediation across heterogeneous, hybrid clouds—powered by comprehensive identity context and enforcement. Customers agree that Oracle’s Identity SOC approach offers a critical controls framework to help enhance their security posture for applications and data—both in the cloud and the datacenter. Oracle’s Identity SOC combines Oracle CASB Cloud Service, Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Oracle Security and Monitoring Analytics Cloud Service, and Oracle Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service into an integrated offering that delivers bi-directional controls, actionable intelligence and automated remediation built around machine learning with advanced analytics.

Q. What are the key security aspects considered while designing this offering?

The world’s first Identity SOC security framework, Oracle’s portfolio provides consistent security controls across cloud and on-premises environments that help organizations better detect and respond to advanced threats and more effectively predict paths of escalation. Oracle’s Identity SOC portfolio also unifies threat, user and operational data from traditionally separate sources and uses machine learning to empower these critical operation centers with an identity-centric, context-aware intelligence solution. This extensive portfolio of security features makes Oracle’s Identity SOC ideal for companies in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, banking and finance, utilities, technology, retail, government and healthcare.

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