Oracle Marketing Cloud Extends Leadership with Next Gen of Cross-Channel Orchestration Canvas

Oracle announced new innovations to the Oracle Marketing Cloud that will transform the way consumer marketers interact with customers across channels. First to market in 2009 with the ‘Program Canvas’, these new enhancements make it easier for marketers to develop personalized customer experiences across web, mobile web, display, mobile apps and email, and to deliver these experiences based on unified consumer identities from different channels. For the first time, brands will be able to orchestrate a consistent and personalized experience to consumers at scale.

Consumer marketers are under intense pressure to deliver consistent and personalized experiences, but are challenged with working in teams that operate in silos using only channel specific customer data. Without the context of a unified consumer identity, marketers are just scaling batch and blast practices across multiple channels. To address this challenge, Oracle has introduced the next evolution in campaign management with its ‘Orchestration Canvas’, which helps brands align and manage marketing activities across channels and gain a holistic view of the customer. Oracle is making it quicker and easier to deliver the best experiences by offering a single platform for marketers to test, optimize and execute marketing campaigns for any digital touch point across the customer journey.

“Effectively orchestrating cross-channel marketing activities can be extremely complex for brands, but it is an area that marketing must tackle as discrepancies in experiences, and sometimes prices, erode trust and distance customers from a brand,” said Steve Krause, Group Vice President Product Management, Oracle Marketing Cloud. “To help our customers address these challenges, we have broken down the silos that typically separate marketing teams with our new cross-channel marketing solution. This will help improve collaboration and empower marketing to orchestrate relevant real-time experiences.”

The ‘Orchestration Canvas’ is a simple, yet sophisticated user interface of the Oracle Marketing Cloud that enables consumer marketers to efficiently manage experiences at every touch point throughout the entire consumer lifecycle. Additional enhancements include a Mobile App Visual Editor where marketers can test and optimize mobile experiences across their mobile apps and as a part of the cross-channel experience. With the new additions to the Oracle Marketing Cloud, marketers can now benefit from:

Adaptive Customer Path Creation and Optimization: The customer purchase path is unpredictable, inconsistent and spread across an increasingly diverse set of digital and offline channels. Orchestration Canvas allows marketers to create event- and behavior-driven adaptive paths that let customers dictate the next step in their interaction with a brand. Customers optimize their own path to purchase, creating less friction in the buying process and better buying experiences.

True Cross Channel Orchestration: Messages across channels can be generic, repetitive and irrelevant, which can weaken a customer relationship. Orchestration Canvas helps marketers connect all of a customer’s identities across channels to a single, unified profile with a rich understanding of each individual. Marketers can use these enhanced profiles to provide more personalized and relevant customer experiences across channels.

Powerful, Marketer-Friendly Mobile Testing: Marketers can use a code-free, drag and drop interface to test and optimize mobile application experiences using everything from simple A/B tests, to complex Multivariate Testing and Segment Personalization. In addition, marketers use rich customer preference and behavior data from mobile campaigns to inform other marketing campaigns being managed on the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Integrated Stack and Ecosystem: Marketers can unify customer data and applications through Oracle Marketing Cloud’s integrated stack, helping teams across the customer experience chain – from marketing to sales, commerce and customer service – bring a rich, unified and personalized experience to customers. In addition, marketers can use prebuilt integrations with the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud to leverage preference and behavioral data from across all interactions to further enhance customer profiles.

An end-to-end solution that includes Oracle Commerce, Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud (Oracle CPQ Cloud), Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Social Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud is one of the industry’s most complete CX solutions. Part of Oracle Applications Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud empowers organizations to improve experiences, enhance loyalty, differentiate their brands, and drive measurable results by creating consistent, connected, and personalized brand experiences across all channels and devices.

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