Optoma intros laser projectors that reduce 47% power consumption, and 1,265kg CO2 over 20,000 hours usage

Pradeep Chakraborty
New Update

Optoma Corp. has introduced energy-efficient laser projectors today. It also launched the eco-friendly PRJ solutions. These feature less power consumption, environmental sustainability, energy efficient, lower carbon footprint, mercury free, and maintenance free. This is a modest step forward toward a sustainable green future.


Vijay Sharma, Country Head, India, Optoma, said they are part of the Coretronic Group, Taiwan. It is also venturing into robotics and drones. A sister company, Young Optics, produces optical component engine that are necessary for laser projectors. Optoma is currently the world no. 2 in the home segment in India and the world.


Vijay Sharma, Optoma.

Large venues covered include auditoriums, retail, worship places, etc. Optoma also offers home, corporate, and educational solutions. All of their products are RoHS/WEEE (removal of hazardous substances / waste electrical and electronic equipment) compliant, especially for USA and Europe. It is also providing solutions to Touch Magic in India.


Shipments of lamp-based projectors are now slowing down, and those of laser-based projectors are increasing. Laser projectors have several advantages, including a basket of costs, as per the need.

The Optoma EX1 series is DuraCore laser technology and provides stunning visuals. It is also IP6X certified. These are also 3D and HDR compatible. EX1 is also 34% smaller than MS1 of the previous generation. You can also save 47% in power consumption, and reduce 1,265kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) for usage over 20,000 hours. Schools can save Rs. 5,39,715 for five years of usage. Reduction in package size by 47% also reduces the carbon footprint by 41%.

In India, Optoma is ranked no. 1 among laser projectors. It also has 60% share in laser TVs. Optoma is also growing in the laser projector segment. Some of its installations are in Kolkata, Anupam PVR Delhi, Rakabganj Gurdwara Delhi, Pradhanmantri Sanghralaya Delhi, etc.

Optoma's new range of projectors, ZX350e, ZW350e, AZX360ST, AZW360ST, and AZH360ST have been designed keeping environmental friendliness in mind. Price range starts from Rs. 72,000. These projectors will be available in the market from Jan. 2023 throughout the country.

Sharma added that Optoma hopes to transition the complete line up to laser projectors from traditional projectors in the coming year.