OpenText Announces Tempo Box Premium Edition

New Update

OpenText announced Tempo Box Premium Edition, a secure and governed solution to share and synchronize personal and enterprise content across different platforms and devices.


Many corporate users are turning to consumer-oriented solutions to collaborate both within and outside the organization, leading to security, governance and integration concerns for the organization. Tempo Box Premium Edition for SAP® Solutions provides a centralized platform that facilitates mobile access to both personal and enterprise content in a modular and scalable manner. With this approach, both IT and business users can improve collaboration with file sync-and-share capabilities that meet enterprise-grade content security and compliance requirements.

“Non-sanctioned and ungoverned file sharing, along with decentralized content, poses high risk to companies and is a growing concern for CIOs,” said Adam Howatson, chief marketing officer at OpenText. “To combat the issue, companies are tasked with providing the same easy content access and sharing, but through a secure, governed and compliant content platform controlled by the company. With Tempo Box Premium Edition for SAP Solutions, we are able to help meet this need by offering these organizations the flexibility and efficiencies of mobile and desktop access without exposing them to risk from content shared on consumer sites.”

Tempo Box is a natural extension for SAP customers who have deployed or plan to deploy OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. Tempo Box Premium Edition for SAP Solutions provides users that don’t also own a license of Extended ECM the ability to view enterprise content that is connected to a business workspace in Extended ECM.

With Tempo Box Premium Edition, Extended ECM customers can further extend the reach of content tied to business processes running in SAP software to non-SAP software users, which can include both internal users as well as unlimited external users such as customers, suppliers and partners. Customers can extend their existing content management environment with an integrated file share-and-sync solution to collaborate on both enterprise and personal content across the organization and across all device types.

Combining secure, automated capture, storage and organization of documents with transparent archiving, records management and imaging functionality, OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions can manage content throughout its entire lifecycle. The solution helps mitigate risk while enhancing productivity and information accessibility. Through the OpenText and SAP partnership, customers have made dramatic improvements across a wide range of areas that positively impact relationships with customers, employees, partners, suppliers and regulatory agencies.

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