Openbravo achieves three-digit bookings growth in its Retail business in 2015

New Update

Openbravo announced its results for the full year ending December 31, 2015. Openbravo experienced exceptional momentum in its Retail business in 2015 with a very impressive three-digit growth in its Retail subscription bookings.

Retail subscription bookings growth, the key measure for Openbravo's commercial success, increased by a stunning 141% during 2015. Customer adoption of the Openbravo Commerce Suite continues to accelerate sharply, especially with mid-sized and larger specialty retailers with a physical stores network who are in need of a modern mobile store solution that can be seamlessly integrated with their legacy back-office systems to progress in their omni channel strategies and strengthen competitiveness against the rapidly upcoming ecommerce retailers.


The last quarter of 2015 was especially impressive and confirmed the strategic relevance of the Openbravo Commerce Suite for today's retailers, with the sign-up of a new subscription for a multinational Fortune 500 wholesale and retail pharmacy group that selected Openbravo to equip hundreds of stores within its optician’s business unit with Openbravo's state-of-the-art cloud and mobile Point-of-Sale.

2015 has also been a key year for our channel operations with the incorporation of a new COO and large partners such as Happiest Minds, TCG Digital, JK Technosoft and Grupo Taurus joining our partner program.

"Openbravo has done a great job in the channel this year.", said Francesco Leto, COO at Openbravo. "We have improved the profile of our partners and now we count with larger companies that will help us to accelerate our growth and effectively service larger retailers. This is key to driving the scale and adoption of the Openbravo solutions worldwide. We expect this positive trend to continue in 2016 ".


International expansion was also improved with the opening of a new office in France that will help Openbravo better serve its French partners and rapidly growing customer base in the country, with companies like BUT, the leading home furnishings French retailer, that has more than 300 stores using Openbravo solutions.

Openbravo also opened a new headquarters in Spain to be able to continue the growth of its team and accommodate the expected development within its strategy in the retail sector and its growth in Europe.

"After a successful 2015 we are in an excellent position to continue on the path indicated by our strategic shift to become a leading company in the retail software space. Our completeness of vision in specialty retail gives us tremendous confidence in our business in 2016 and beyond. Also, our new cloud offering due for launch in a few weeks time will for sure help us to further accelerate retail cloud sales growth that will quickly translate into significantly more revenue and profits for Openbravo and, very importantly, for our Official Partners. 2016 is also very special for us, since in the course of this year we will be celebrating 10 years in the market, so we can all expect very exciting news in the coming months." said Marco de Vries, CEO of Openbravo.

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