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Online Driving License through Aadhaar Card: List of Services Citizens can Avail Without Visiting RTOs

Road and Transport Ministry has allowed citizens to receive online driving license and a few other services through their Aadhaar number

Road and Transport Ministry, Government of India recently allowed citizens to obtain their driving license renewals and other services through their Aadhaar numbers for which visiting the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) is no longer necessary. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the hardships that citizens are going through owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Ministry is of the opinion that persons are facing difficulties in respect of availing various services related to driving licence and registration certificate, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. In view of the same, Ministry has decided to provide certain services online with the help of Aadhaar number,” said a statement from the Road and Transport Ministry while inviting suggestions and comments at

Online Driving License and other Services that can be availed through Aadhaar Card

The Ministry, while emphasizing on the fact that the use of Aadhaar as an identity document simplifies the Government delivery processes, brings in transparency and efficiency, and enables applicants to get their work done seamlessly, has allowed the following services to be done online and in a contactless manner:

  • Obtaining learner’s license.
  • Renewal of driving license online.
  • Applying for a duplicate driving license.
  • Change of address in driving license and certificate of registration.
  • Issue of international driving permit.
  • Surrender of the class of vehicle from the license.
  • Application for temporary registration of the motor vehicle.
  • Application for registration of the motor vehicle with a fully built body.
  • Application for issue of duplicate certificate of registration.
  • Application for grant of NOC for the certificate of registration.
  • Notice of transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle.
  • Intimation of change of address in the certificate of registration.
  • Application for registration for driver training from the accredited driver training centre.
  • Application for registration of motor vehicle of a diplomatic officer.
  • Application for assignment of fresh registration mark of the motor vehicle of a diplomatic officer.

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  1. Kathiresan

    DL renewal we are able to do for chennai. Due to DL no not avialable in central server. This has to be taken care. Otherwise laks of people willagain approacg RTO office. Data update to be given to public

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