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 MFG/PRO 9.0 can be used for manufacturing,
distribution, financial operations, supply chain and service or support management. It runs on Unix, Windows and Windows NT. Its supply chain functions include centralized order processing, centralized purchasing, enterprise operations planning, distribution requirements planning and materials transfer. The latest version includes three new tools–NetUI, Q/LinQ, and EDI ecommerce. 

NetUI: Allows users to access ERP through a browser. It includes, outbound URL links to external application support, GUI interface, support for secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and web-enabled custom reports. 

Q/LinQ: Supports fluid data exchanges with logistics and distribution systems, factory automation systems, scheduling systems and sales order entry applications. It allows MFG/PRO to interact with other applications and perform transaction or error logging. Users can determine the success or failure of messages via email. Q/LinQ also connects CORBA-compliant message transport middleware. 

EDI ecommerce: Allows business partners to communicate information between different ERP systems. 

Trading Partner Transactions 
A web-enabled version of MFG/PRO and an ecommerce solution that allows users to conduct business over the internet or intranet. Without affecting the integrity of MFG/PRO or data, it provides functionality and access to the MFG/PRO system through transaction screens and inquiries. It facilitates a real-time solution for supply chain management by enabling customers, employees, distributors and suppliers to exchange vital business information almost instantaneously. 

It includes the following features:

  • PLATFORM-INDEPENDENT: MFG/PRO can be accessed by any workstation capable of running a web browser. As the entire user interface is written using platform-independent code, there is no requirement for multiple sets of application codes for multiple platforms. Since there is no application code other than a web browser on the client system, deployment of a new system is as fast and easy as advertising on a new web page address or URL.

  • DESIGN: MFG/PRO is built leveraging the integrated systems and services facility, LLC and Web Data Model (WDM). WDM is an event-driven application architecture that separates the user interface from the MFG/PRO application logic. 

  • SECURITY: MFG/PRO’s data level security feature is based on the Unix file security concept and uses group-level hierarchy.

  • INTRANET SOLUTION: For internal clients, MFG/PRO is set up on a private corporate network called an intranet. Residing inside the company’s firewall, intranet provides the highest level of access to the MFG/PRO system. Intranet enables employees to log into their company’s internal network from any location in the world and get real-time information. Authorized customers, suppliers and distributors can use either the internet or intranet to place orders, run inquiries or check the status of existing orders.

  • SECURITY: Trading Partner Transactions can inherently leverage firewall security mechanisms. Firewalls prevent unauthorized users from accessing a company’s internal databases and servers, as well as provide controlled access to the MFG/PRO database or database server. Users must use passwords to connect to web server and to the internal server. Only authorized users receive requested information.

  • ARCHITECTURE: Trading Partner Transactions comprises three basic components–web server, transaction manager and database server.

    The web server can be any CGI-compliant web server running on a Progress WebSpeed-compatible platform. Along with the actual HTTP server, the WebSpeed Messenger, which provides the interface between the web server and transaction manager, must also be installed on the platform. The web server’s primary role is to manage the data passed to and from your database server. In other words, the forms that a user views are delivered from the web server. When completed, the same server transmits the data to a second server called a transaction server. The transaction server processes the transaction in MFG/PRO and sends back the information based on the user’s security and access levels.

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    Transaction manager has two sub-components, the Progress WebSpeed transaction broker and the Progress WebSpeed agent. The broker is responsible for dynamically assigning agents to perform requested tasks. The messenger contacts the broker who, in turn, assigns an available agent. The agent receives the data from the messenger, executes Web Objects, communicates to the database server and returns the data to the agent. Database server can be any MFG/PRO data source supported by

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