One Platform for all Electric Solutions Globally- ELECRAMA 2018

The future of global energy is in clean energy and with the increasing emphasis on reduced carbon emission from the power sector, low carbon growth strategy is being adopted in the Indian Power Sector. The fact is that renewable power technologies have arrived, and are already challenging the domination of fossil-based power generation. In a country hitherto dominated by conventional energy supplies, this brings challenges and opportunities.

Technological advancements are fast transforming the way energy is produced and consumed. The Country is set for a digitization revolution which, in turn, would fuel the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). India needs to join the cavalcade of change. Thus in order to support this endeavor of the Government of India, ELECRAMA 2018 is all set to showcase integrated solutions to complex energy problems, by adopting a holistic and systems-based approach. Apart from being a premier showcase of product and technology it is also a leading business networking, knowledge and thought leadership platform for the Industry. The next edition, 13th in series, ELECRAMA 2018 will be held from 10th to 14th of March 2018 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR India.

Shreegopal Kabra, President, IEEMA is of the view that, “IEEMA have contributed to bringing the organization to where it stands today with a membership of above 800 and a combined turnover of over 42 billion USD. Today the environment in which our businesses operate is changing very fast, but the Indian Entrepreneur is known for his agility and ability to adapt to the changing environment. We have witnessed a change in the taxation regime and demonetization recently. Our Association took up the cause of appropriate tax rates where ever the anomalies existed and successfully steered the path to its logical conclusion. Our association will continue to respond to such challenges as and when they arise.”

Harish Agarwal, Vice President, IEEMA says, “India is always on the world map as far as investors are concerned. In the Infrastructure and electrical segment there is going to be paradigm shift, where we are moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy, from antiquated networks to smart grids, from metropolitan cities consisting of creaking infrastructure to smart cities. This trust of the government has led to a lot of interest especially in the infrastructure sector and we anticipate that ELECRAMA 2018 will further fuel this increased interest in the electrical segment plus electronics and Electronic Vehicle sector. This ELECRAMA will witness policymakers brainstorming on the roadmap to achieve the ambitious target set by Government of India.”

Vijay Karia, Chairman, ELECRAMA explains, “ELECRAMA 2018 will be a platform where the world of electricity will meet the future. The three main aspect of this mega event are technology, demand forecast, and policy discussion. ELECRAMA 2018 will have more than 1100 exhibitors showcasing their products & services and visitors from more than 100 countries will be participating in it. Most important, visitor footfalls anticipated are more than 2, 50,000. The five-day event will have various pavilions of interest. There will be a power pavilion, railway pavilion and E-Tech Next to showcase the technology of tomorrow. This time’s ELECRAMA focuses on the paradigm shift from the earlier T&D in Electricity space to the focus on Electric Vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), Storage Solutions and Renewable Energy”.

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