Over one crore Indians participate in International Women’s Day event by Gyanistan

The viral challenge by Gyanistan was based on theme of making a video with the woman who has contributed the most in your life

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International Women’s Day

Gyanistan,an edtech platform for alternative careers decided to celebrate Women’s day 2020 with a difference this year with weeklong celebrations including a Viral Video Challenge called #MeriWonderwoman celebrating India’s Wonderful Women all around us. Live performances by millennial rappers and Workshops focussed on popular Women-centric topics.


It got together with Yuvraj Singh Supported Shared Space provider, Creator’s Gurukul, Global Popular short video platform Likee and MCN GoWoW, leading audio brand NuRepublic and Womennovator, India’s leading virtual incubator for Women. The Creator’s Gurukul Gurugram event was also selected by IWD and listed for the global celebration of this year’s theme Each for Equal.

The viral challenge was based on the theme of making a video with the woman who has contributed the most in your life on the Meriwonderwoman Rap sung by popular influencer Abby Viral and conceived by Abhinav Tandon, co-founder Creator’s Gurukul and Sahil Batra, co-founder GoWow Club, It has become the most viral trend for Women’s Day in the country with over 11 Million views, and 14,000 user-generated videos, which is a record for the fastest viral challenge, said a release from the company.

The celebrations concluded with the workshop held at Creator’s Gurukul Gurugram, which was attended by over 50,000 people digitally over livestream as the physical event wasn’t held in wake of corona virus advisories issued by the government to avoid gatherings of large crowds.

The workshop was inaugurated by Mohammed Sirajuddin and Nishant Sharma from Gyanistan. Leading Nutritionist Tanya Kapoor spoke about "Healing through Nutrition" and therapeutic diets. It was followed by a workshop on Image Management by Internationally Verified consultant Gazal Dhingra who guided the audience across the country on personality development, image management and positive mindset. The event concluded with an interview with Top Likee influencers Shikha Rajput and Sidra Malik Awan.