Ola Provides Free COVID-19 Vaccination to All Employees and their Dependents

Ola has announced its intent to provide free COVID-19 vaccination to employees and dependents, advisors, consultants, and contractual employees

Ola announced that it will provide free COVID-19 vaccination for all employees and dependents, as the world continues its fight against the pandemic. The vaccination drive will also be extended to all the direct contractual employees, consultants, advisors of the company and their immediate dependents including spouse, kids and parents, comprising more than 24,000 people. The COVID vaccination drive will be over and above Ola’s existing medical insurance policy.

The company is partnering with relevant authorities to conduct the vaccination drive. The vaccination will be offered on a voluntary basis, and the requisite infrastructure and logistics will be provided for the vaccination with the drive being conducted across all the geographies it operates in globally.

The organisation has also announced its intent to start extending end-to-end support to those applicable starting with the ones above the age of 60 and those 45+ with co-morbidities. It will expand this process to include the rest as soon as the government rolls out the next phase of the vaccination drive.

Varun Dubey, Ola Spokesperson, said: “We are happy to announce that Ola has decided to cover vaccination costs across the group. At Ola, we prioritize the health and well-being of not only our employees and their loved ones but also our extended family who work directly with us including advisors and consultants. While this vaccine is voluntary, it is also one of the most effective tools to fight against COVID-19. As the Government gears up for the next phase of the vaccination drive, we encourage all our employees and their families to opt for the vaccine and fight against COVID-19”.

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