ObjectRocket by Rackspace announces fully managed dedicated MongoDB solution

Rackspace announced a dedicated option of ObjectRocket for MongoDB databases, a solution that combines the speed and scalability of the ObjectRocket purpose-built platform with fully dedicated hardware and networking for compliance-dependent use cases. This solution can help customers with the performance, security and compliance requirements of high-risk industries such as healthcare, financial services and insurance.

Built on a custom, dedicated architecture, ObjectRocket for MongoDB can power the most demanding database workloads by providing full utilization of resources for host machines, and a level of isolation that enterprise customers demand. With ObjectRocket for MongoDB, customers can leverage Rackspace expertise and Fanatical Support, which allows them to focus their in-house resources on building mission-critical, highly secure applications instead of managing their database environments.

“Dedicated ObjectRocket lets applications scale to millions of MongoDB operations per second while providing higher levels of security because it gives customers a fully managed, dedicated rack of MongoDB,” said Chris Lalonde, co-founder of ObjectRocket. “This offering brings together all the features customers have come to expect from ObjectRocket such as a fully isolated environment, encryption at rest and dedicated networking components. On top of all of that, we have a team of experts for MongoDB staffed 24×7, so customers can focus on building their business.”

Thousands of customers have adopted the fully managed ObjectRocket for MongoDB solution because of its enhanced security, high performance, automatic scalability, high availability and intelligent automation. Features of ObjectRocket for MongoDB now include:


  • Enterprise Security Options – Helps secure customers’ applications with enterprise-grade security options including encryption at rest, policy based network access control, role based access control and log management.
  • Security and Compliance – Enables Rackspace security experts to assess customer environments, offer guidance and recommend a range of tools that can help satisfy stringent compliance standards.
  • Purpose Built Platform – Allows customers to take advantage of a unique, fully managed platform optimized for MongoDB workloads, backed by experts for MongoDB.
  • Choice of Deployment Models – Offers deployment options that best fit customers’ internal IT, security and compliance needs, with custom, dedicated architectures for complete customer control.
  • Suite of Developer & Automated Tools – Speeds up time-to-market and helps reduce downtime with both backend (automated deploying) and customer facing tools, making it easier to operate.
  • Data Portability – Leverages the universality of open source, community edition, MongoDB so customer data is portable.
  • Application Portability – Runs applications anywhere, including in Rackspace or AWS data centers via AWS Direct Connect with integrated Access Control List (ACL) sync.

“As enterprises develop next-generation applications that leverage mobile, social, and analytics technologies, IT departments must match the use case to the broad array of open-source database options,” says Melanie Posey, Research VP, IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services at IDC.  “For many organizations, however, finding and retaining database experts able to navigate the complexities of database technologies such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Hadoop and meeting the enterprise demands of database high availability, scalability, security, and compliance across multiple databases presents a challenge. Managed cloud providers such as Rackspace can help organizations deploy, scale, and secure new data-driven applications and analytics platforms, drawing upon deep expertise across the range of popular open-source databases and enterprise-grade managed services like ObjectRocket for MongoDB.”

Rackspace is committed to supporting fully managed versions of the most popular NoSQL, big data and relational databases including MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Percona, and Maria DB. With support for multiple databases, customers have the flexibility to deploy across private, public, bare metal and hybrid clouds with options to automate and reduce the time and money needed to deploy, scale, manage and help ensure the availability of production database applications.


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