O.C. Tanner Unveils 2018 Global Culture Report

O.C. Tanner has released its year-long study determining the current status of workplace culture on a global scale. The 2018 Global Culture Report, which included 12 participating countries with over 14,000 respondents, was announced at O.C. Tanner’s annual user conference, Influence Greatness, held at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah.

“We were inspired to undertake this research project because we saw a shift in workplace culture needs, and we wanted to put a spotlight on what HR leaders and companies need to do to keep up with the changes,” said VP of the O.C. Tanner Institute Gary Beckstrand. “With this research, we can serve up simple actions organizations can take to create meaningful employee experiences that dramatically improve workplace culture, and show that by doing so, organizations can connect people to purpose, accomplishment, and one another.”

Historically engagement models have focused primarily on organizational structure and work processes with little, if any attention to the employee experience. However, research now shows that leaders are turning their attention to creating workplace cultures that can withstand the uncertainty of changing business models, an increasingly diverse workforce, a flood of new technology and the resulting lack of connection in an increasingly connected world.

“The 2018 Global Culture Report suggests that companies that have moved from company-centric solutions to integrated strategies informed by the employee experience are ahead of the curve,” Beckstrand said. “The research is clear. Employees are calling for greater connection. Connection to purpose, achievement, and to one another.”

The research identifies six fundamental elements that are crucial to an employee’s decision to join, engage with, and remain at an organization. Called the ‘Talent Magnets,’ these six areas attract and connect people to the places they work, and comprise a Culture Framework that is essential for leaders to evaluate, measure, and improve workplace culture.

“The research shows empirically that when companies excel in all six Talent Magnets, both organizations and employees thrive,” Beckstrand said.

“The Culture Report is timely and fits in well with the enhanced version of O.C. Tanners Culture Building Platform “Culture Cloud”. It has not come out as a surprise to see the research showing such high numbers in India when it comes to “feeling a sense of” for 5 of the 6 Talent Magnets. This report indicates that 68% to 77% Indian employees feel a sense for Success, Appreciation, Leadership, Opportunity and Purpose, however the percentage for Wellbeing is quite low at 51%. What we are seeing is that Indian companies are focusing on Wellbeing and have put it on the list of priorities for organization initiatives, it feels that a sense of Wellbeing too will improve for Indian employees.  Clearly there is scope to improve and do more for employees in those areas of the 6 Talent Magnets. This is where organizations can use the data averages in the report which are also broken down further across different employee generations and build their culture strategy”, commented Zubin Zack, Managing Director, O. C. Tanner India.

The comprehensive report serves up actionable data for businesses looking to instigate a change in the status quo of workplace culture worldwide. O.C. Tanner plans to continue this research and will publish an annual Global Culture Report moving forward.

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