NYSE halts trading over technical glitch

New Update

One of the world's largest stock exchanges halted trading citing a technical glitch, which stopped quotes coming in on traders' computer screens. A spokeswoman for NYSE said that it was working hard to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. With blank terminals, traders were nonchalantly standing as there could be no buying or selling. However, traders can still buy and sell NYSE stocks on other exchanges, even if the NYSE was down.

The crash brought back memories of the NASDAQ crash that happened in 2013, where trading was frozen for several hours.  However, trading  at NASDAQ was functioning normally.

Ironically, the NYSE crash happened on the same day when a technical glitch grounded United Airlines flights for approximately 2 hours. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal's website also stopped working after the NYSE stopped trading.  This prompted fears that the issues were due to a coordinated cyber attack, which has been denied by major agencies.

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