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Nykaa Customers Complain of Receiving Calls from Scammers in Possession of Personal Information

Nykaa customers, of late, have been receiving calls from scammers who happen to know their personal details such as purchase history and even their address

Data privacy is a term that is no longer alien to consumers in India thanks to the increased focus on the topic due to the upcoming data privacy laws in India. Customers are much more aware of their rights when it comes to personal data than they used to be. This, in turn, has led to companies paying a lot more attention to securing the personal data of consumers. However, a peculiar occurrence with the customers of popular beauty, wellness, and fashion e-commerce website Nykaa has left users puzzled.

Nykaa customers have been receiving calls from scammers claiming to be customer service executives of the e-commerce portal who are obviously trying to scam users into paying them money in the garb of lucrative offers. “Hi, I’m Jyoti, customer service executive of Nykaa. You are one of the five lucky customers of Nykaa who have been chosen for this offer. Congratulations! You can choose from the following products,” said the scammer to the clueless customer who spoke to Dataquest about her experience.

She was offered the following products:

  • Dell Inspiron
  • Sony Bravia TV
  • Apple iPhone
  • Voltas AC
  • LG double door fridge.

When the curious Nykaa customer went on to ask what she would have to do to receive her product, the answer from the scammer was that she would not have to pay any money, but would only have to open a link they send to her mobile number. The scammer even had her address, and the details of the last purchase. “I realised something was amiss, so I cut the call. I, however, came to believe that this was a scam call indeed after I received three calls back to back from the same number after I cut the call. I have never seen any company that anxious to deliver free products to customers,” she said to Dataquest.

Upon Investigating the matter, it was found that several other customers have faced a similar issue. “Today I got a call from someone claiming he is from Nykaa (8697153574). He told me there was a promo offer, where if I purchased items for INR 5999, I would get 3000 cashback. In addition to that, I could choose an additional gift of TV/iPhone/whatnot,” says Sushmitha on Twitter while sharing a thread on her ordeal.

“I have been getting calls from alleged Nykaa employee telling me I have been selected as a winner and they gave me 4 expensive gifts options. They knew my home address and details. They are asking me to pay for an order for max 2k and avail the gift,” says Parthvi Gangwar like several others. Another customer has even questioned Nykaa if there was a data breach as the scammer had all their personal details.

Nykaa is aware of the matter, and has responded to consumers saying: “Hey, Nykaa is not involved in any such offer. We request you to not entertain any such calls or respond to any messages. Nykaa offers are mentioned on the website.” However, this has not answered customers’ questions about how personal data submitted to the e-commerce site in confidence was acquired by scammers.

“Nykaa NEVER solicits details like your OTP/CVV/PIN/PAN/AADHAR. Hackers/Scamsters will try ways to extract your personal and/or sensitive information. For the safety of your personal and business accounts, please do not respond to any unsolicited e-mails, calls, WhatsApp or messages, and never provide any personal information. Please report suspicious activities to,” added Nykaa.

Tips for Customers to Identify Scam Calls Claiming to be from Nykaa

While most consumers are aware that these calls are from fraudsters, some of them could be naive enough to believe that it is true. The following are some of the tips to keep in mind to avoid getting duped:

  • Nykaa always advertises its offers on its official app, and website. Users are advised to cross-check with the website on receiving such calls.
  • The scammers will try their best to convince the consumer into either paying or sharing their personal details. They may even send links from unknown numbers.
  • Nykaa has dedicated call center numbers. Calls received from scammers will be regular numbers from service providers like BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, and Reliance Jio.
  • Scammers may call repeatedly even if a customer cuts the call as their incentive is to trick the customer into paying money. Customer care executives from Nykaa would not call their customers in that manner.

83 responses to “Nykaa Customers Complain of Receiving Calls from Scammers in Possession of Personal Information”

  1. Siddharth says:

    They were offering me the same deal… With iPhone and a dell laptop…

    I asked if I can purchase through official website to claim.. The said no you have to pay through paytm Or any other wallet… I knew they were scamming….

    • Supriya Rai says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. You’re right. Nykaa never asks for personal details and that’s the first clue that it’s a scam call. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know this and fall prey to these scams

  2. Ray says:

    I received a call for similar offer claiming to be from amazon a couple of months back

  3. Priyanka Goswami says:

    There’s a new case now, the scammer asked me to place order through official Nykaa app itself and said that he would give me a promo code for 40% off during checkout and will attach the gift along with the order and asked me to pay via upi on Nykaa’s app itself. These guys have my home address, my order history and god know what other information they have.

  4. Sunil Agarwal says:

    My daughter also got scammed today in the same way. She got a call from one Tina Agarwal and she paid 5300/- and was promised that she would get an iPhone 11. After sending 5300 she again got a call asking her to pay 4800 towards GST. When she refused they stopped taking her calls and said that her money is gone.

  5. Ayushi says:

    I just got a call for the same offer. They said I have order for 5,000 and above to avail this offer. They were offering me laptop, fridge, TV and iPhone. I was suspicious and was not sure so I called the nykaa customer care to confirm if it’s a scam or not and they confirmed it’s a scam.
    Please before paying ensure it’s right as big companies don’t call you so much for promotions. And honestly I’m not even that regular customer of nykaa that they’ll give me this offer
    I have been scammed for 40k before and that’s when I realised all these calls from private numbers are a scam and nothing else. Please don’t fall for these scams. Please guys. Confirm either on Internet or through company’s customer care but don’t give them any money specially through Paytm or any of these online mode of transactions.

  6. Sopemla says:

    I just recieved a call from NYkaa and the person knew what I ordered and my address my name …they were offering me Dell laptop, fridge ,iphone and told me I’m o ne if the 5 lucky customers they told me to open nykaa app and I said wait for one min then searched in google n many ppl were telling it’s a scam and encountered lots of this so I hung up the call but they called me 3 times back.

  7. Jyoti says:

    I got a call from a fraudster with the following msg on my watsapp no.
    It’s Our Biggest Promotion of the Year !

    Dear Madam,

    You have been selected for some special offer nykaa

    After Purchasing any selected product from nykaa you will be eligible to get one time bumper opportunity by Availing a single offer from nykaa
    nykaa Offers various lifestyle products on our sales in huge discount price.

    If you will purchase any product Rs:- 5999/- company will provide you a one assured gift totally free of cost. If you have any complain@nykaa you can also call on our customer care service +918336082281(working hours) available. You will get a best solution within 24 hours your problem will be resolved.

    We will feel happy to help you.


    1- Dell Inspiron core i5 10th Gen- 15.6inch (Laptop)
    2- Sony Bravia Full HD Led TV 43″
    3- Apple iPhone 11(128GB)
    4- Voltas AC 1.5 Ton 3 Star
    5- LG Refrigerator Double Door 437 LTR

    You need to do the payment through online transaction because cash on delivery not available in this offer.

    You can do your payment below mentioned mode of payments.


    1- Amazon Pay Upi
    2- Paytm Upi
    3- Google Pe Upi
    4- Phone Pe Upi
    5- Mobile Banking

    Thanks Regard’s ,

    Please resolve this data breaching. They knew my address and my last purchase which is scary.Kindly look into the matter @nykaa

  8. Prashant Singh says:

    I got a call today that you are the lucky winner and nykaa is offering you some free gift but to avail that offer you have to purchase products of cost Rs 6000 and in that also you will get 50% cash back. I immediately check that number in True caller and it was showing as fraud. I scolded them like hell.

    Nykaa team should look after this scam because they have all the details with them like address, order history and more.

  9. Sushmitha Thiyagarajan says:

    How the hell they know my last order ! This is very scary and they said they are calling from nykaa’s promotion department .They included that I was one of the 5 lucky draw winner and they provided me list of costly gifts and asked me to choose from it
    I know this is scam and asked them whether they are really calling from nykaa.I said iam not interested in such kind of gifts and ended the phone call.
    I think there is no privacy in nykaa?
    How do they know my details??

  10. YK says:

    There’s definitely a leak from Nykaa somewhere and they need to fix this asap. Received same call from a random number and got offered the 5 gifts and was asked to choose one. She asked me to open google pay and transfer money to an account with recipient name NYKAA. Little did they know they are talking to somebody with a Fin Background. I reported the number to cyber crime and blocked the number from my end but this is alarming because they have personal information which is confidential. This is a breach and demands a law suit against the company for having breached data.

  11. Ariya says:

    Iam one of the victim of this fraud..why is nyka not taking any action in this
    I feel stupid and angry and all at once..they even recited all my order details…my stupid greedy brain couldn’t care to call customer care at god..

    What are you doing with our data nykaaaaa

  12. Shubha says:

    Yesterday for me also come call and offer da iPhone and i pay 5023rs then after they call me gst rs 11999has to pay if ur not paying ur gst amount as gone high 50000,60000,80000 so today u have to pay they said and trocherinf me PLZZ now I what to do iam so tenssed PLZZ help me how can I come out of this

  13. Pooja yadav says:

    Im one of victim pf this fraud…how the hell they know my last order, my no. And home address…theres definitely a leak from nykaa somewhere…

  14. BB says:

    This is a serious data breach at Nykaa. Scammer on call today assured 5 gifts if I shop for 5k on Nykaa app (with 50% cashback). Obviously no free lunches in this world so I got suspicious. Reading all these comments is extremely concerning. Nykaa needs to take action and corrective steps asap. And these fraudsters need to be stopped before other unsuspecting customers get scammed.
    And yes these people do have access to the entire database containing personal data and order history.

  15. Nan says:

    I also got a call from this scammers saying I was one lucky costumer who won this promotion offer. They even had my address, my order history and such. This is such a serious case. Nykaa should take action regarding this issue as our personal informations are leaked.

  16. Saranya says:

    I also got a call from this scammers saying I was one lucky costumer who won this promotion offer…how the hell they know my last order, my no. And home address…theres definitely a leak from nykaa somewhere…Nykaa should take action regarding this issue as our personal informations are leaked…NYKAA should take responsibility for my money …..

  17. shelly nakra says:

    i Just received call from Nykaa ( 9643206138 and whatsapp 9831622196) with same above said details with conviction,I was shocked, How ourPrivate information is getting leaked. Why There is no data security? Nykaa Team must look into the matter seriously

  18. Pallavi says:

    Hi everyone, The same happened with me. It would be great if we call could come together and sue Nykaa for the same.

  19. Saswati Chakraborty says:

    Hi everyone,

    A scammer called me right now, saying they are from Nykaa (8604699124), and that I was a lucky customer, and that I had to spend 3k on Nykaa to avail 5 precious gifts eerily identical to the ones posted above. They knew my name, my number, my last order, my personal details, everything. I spent 3k in Nykaa neverthless ( I had plans to spend anyways so it didn’t matter), but then I realised this isn’t right… Little did I know that this isn’t just me, but what seems to be quite collosal in nature. Damn I’ve never been lucky my whole life so I got curious, and sadly I found out, this time also I’m not lucky lol!!

  20. Priya Prasad says:

    Hello everyone,
    I just got a call from this number+91 89029 13604. Even Truecaller mentioned Nykaa, Kolkata on my screen.
    As other people already mentioned, this guy also gave me 5 options to chose from as my free gift with a minimum purchase of Rs 4999 & he also told me that I’ll have to make the order within the next 30 minutes of this call! Shockingly he knew about my last order details. I don’t know how Nykaa is leaking all our details online !!!! This is so frustrating!! Kindly look into the matter.

  21. Nemiah says:

    My friend got the same experience just now,She recieved the scam call from the number 8902913604.
    Because she read this article before,She did’nt fall for this scam call.
    Nykaa should make their customer details more secure. And also report the scam number.

  22. Naina Rangwani says:

    I have fall under the scam pls help me how I can come out of this and get my money back . I need help . Pls pls pls.

  23. H Nunpuii says:

    I just got a call too. They even knew my order history and everything and I almost fall for it but my sister got suspicious and searched it on google and people were saying it was a scam so we cancelled it. They called me around 3:30pm and even say its only valid till 4:15pm to make me panic and accept it.

  24. Abhinaya U says:

    I got a call from a number +919836…… saying that I bought a royal marron faces Canada lipstick and yes I bought that lipstick from Nykaa and they also said I got a chance to win products such as AC, IPHONE etc they said I should pay 6000 and buy products from Nykaa and half amount will be refunded if I make UPI payment and after that my gift and the nykaa products will be delivered within two days.
    They told me to add to cart and call them back and I called then they asked me the products which I added to cart and they forced me to make the payment but I didn’t. They again called to confirm whether I’m ready to make the payment .
    when I called them as soon they answered the call they said hello I’m so and so from nykaa
    Please check sure that the privacy of your customers are safe. It may not be your mistakes knowingly or unknowingly the details of nykaa customers are leaking out
    As far as I know I love nykaa and it’s a very nice platform for beauty products but please check I’ve attached a screenshot of the call details.

  25. Aanchal says:

    I faced the same fraud calls twice. This is unacceptable nykaa had data breach and why is users address and personal details leaked. Nykaa take the accountability of this please.

  26. Renbeni says:

    I got the same call just today.. I just want to know why they have my name and address.. I got the call from 7692854620 and whatsApp nbr7247398037 …

  27. Madiha Samreen says:

    Hi. I too got a call from Nykaa
    stating that I have been chosen for a special offer to pay but worth 5K on Nykaa app and in return I would be rewarded free gift from the 5 things mentioned above (IPhone , AC, Laptop etc)

  28. SACHIN SHARMA says:

    Recieved a call. Fraudster has all legitimate details like. Nykaa Order #, Product Ordered, Payment made, etc.

    Claiming to be from Nykaa Customer Service offered lucky draw and all the above the whole forum is talking about.

    How does these Fraudster have access to our personal information, which can only be with Nykaa like order id, payment , product ordered.

    Has Nykaa taken any action in months?

  29. Sulagna says:

    I just received a similar call from this number claiming I am amongst the top 20 winners of the lucky draw to avail one among the following items,
    52 inch led tv
    iPhone 12 max pro
    Please be aware and Nykaa support team please look into it

  30. Nuri Nafisa Islam says:

    I just recieved a call from the same number. I was suspicious so i blocked the number. She said that she was from nykaa and there was an offer which i can avail if if did shopping of Rs 3000 and send them a screenshot of it. She also told me to do it before 3 pm thus making me panic by setting a time limit( this is a very popular saying which alot of scammers do). Please don’t fall into this.
    And for Nykaa, she knew about my past orders and my details so i request Nykaa to please look into it. I love Nykaa but my personal information shouldn’t be leaked.

  31. Varsha says:

    I just received call from Nyka customer care @8533977968, offering free gift – choose any one from TV, iPhone, voltas AC, laptop. After clicking gift , it went into box and asked for OTP. Then I stopped it and checked for scam. After confirming about scam, i got another call from him. This time I asked him, why are doing this? Stop this non sense. I said I will complain in cyber fraud. Then he cut the phone.
    Please be aware about this. It’s a big scam .

  32. Akhilesh says:

    I also received a call from this number but this time received call from ‘Noise’.
    It’s absolutely spam , she also knew about my past orders , I think there no privacy in noise ,,,it is so furstratting… , Be aware ⚙️

  33. Soumyasree Chakraborty says:

    I keep receiving calls stating that they are from Nykaa mentioning my address and also my order details. They stated that i won a gift hamper for my purchases. Even if I say I am not interested, they forcefully insist to send it over to my mentioned address. I understood it’s a scam as they also called multiple times previously, from Nykaa, snapdeal, etc,. I would like to know how is it possible for any sensitive data to be leaked out to fraudsters without any employees within the company that is breaching their policies? Companies should investigate right away and take a stern call over it. Nykaa just gave a default line to all the consumers with the same complaint that doesn’t even address the issue directly. Heights of trusting big companies for our purchases, where our personal details get compromised and no action is being taken for the same.

  34. Rihana says:

    I received a call too from nykaa and ended up spending 1L and she wanted more many n I started telling them she confessed that they r fraud n they will never return the money and they will push as far as possible to get the money n when we stop giving finally they confess that they r fraud n they r not even scared of cyber security too… how can Nykaa didn take any action yet……

  35. Sumithra Ram says:

    Fraud nykaa they deposited with me above 10000rs and they dnt give return and profit, because they saying complete the task ,but I don’t have the money how I complete the tasks cheating me my money not returned to me i m very depressed and angry on nykaa merchant center it is fraud totally, they don’t give my amount

  36. Awanish Kumar Golwara says:

    Received the same call today after I made a purchase from Nyakaa app

  37. Priyanka says:

    I got call from NYKAA today and they said I am one of the lucky winners and can select any one of 5products offered (TV,Fridge,iphone etc)
    They requested to pay Rs 5000 to NYKAA to purchase the gift card and directed to dispatch department.
    They then say the product will be dispatched fro Gurgaon to Bangalore so need to pay another 11K which will be refunded.
    I discontinued at this point and understood it is a fraud call.
    What suprised me is they knew my last transction details with NYKAA along with product cost and all other personal details.
    I won’t how easy it is to fake people from small place if i can get in the trap with all awareness

  38. Snigdha agrawal says:

    I have received the same type of calls from different numbers on different days.
    They asked me to buy a gift card worth 5000 and I will receive ome of these products which I choose exactly on 2 sept.

    List of items is same as mentioned and they gave me codes to search the authenticity on google.

  39. Monika says:

    I have got similar call and I continued call with them and then they transferred it to some other person who was giving me some upi payment options to use some code for my purchase.
    Since I was super suspicious about the customer care lady (using very broken English and forcing me to busy within an hour)
    So I searched online about this scam and jackpot I found this online.
    I still continued on call and then they asked me to start using google pay either upi for payment. I said I can only do net banking. he was like can you please use it from your friends google pay etc.
    Then I told him what a joke he is doing and thinking that still he is able to make us all fool.
    I am going to report this to cybercrime portal now.

  40. Micky says:

    Hey guys,

    The gang is active again. Got a call from them today that i have been chosen for this offer. And can select from these 5 products.

    Dell Inspiron
    Sony Bravia TV
    Apple iPhone
    Voltas AC
    LG double door fridge.

    Need to pay them 5000 on the link they have provided me on whatsapp
    Please be aware.

  41. Anusha Bansal says:

    I received a call saying that I have been selected for free electronic gifts (any one of those 5 mentioned here in above texts) and I need to purchase products worth 5000.

  42. Roma says:

    I got the same call from Nykaa today but I understood that there was something fishy and this looked more like a scam. I immediately opened my browser and searched on Google- what is the latest Nykaa scam and arrived at this thread.

    Thanks so much for sharing. A humble request to people that they should not believe in any such phone calls. Look on google for verification or call up Nykaa customer care directly to authenticate the validity of these phone calls.

  43. bidar says:

    Guys, please be aware!!!! Got a call from. Same old story was shared, about being shortlisted and there are 5 gifts from which I have to choose one. They had my name and area pin code. They wanted me to make a purchase of 5K on Nykaa, and at the time of dispatch of the purchased product, the gift selected will also be shipped along. There are a couple of red flags to notice. Firstly, please notice that the gifts are way out of proportion relative to our payment on our last order. Secondly, when you win a gift no one will ever ask to you pay for any additional amount to fetch that gift. Thirdly, the way they converse, creepy. Stay safe, this is a 100% spam call.

  44. Akshada Ankush Chavan says:

    Same happened with me today, please help track/stop these people. They know our addresses and last purchase details. Not sure what else they know

  45. Honey says:

    I received a same Nykaa scam call offering free gifts. These guys are just insane. They have all the personal details. Im sure nykaa has some serious security breach.

  46. Apoorva Ambhoj says:

    Same thing happened with me today. Got call from no.. She listed same 5 products to choose from. And spend 5k on Nykaa or to buy gift card. As soon as i refused to make any purchase. She cut the call in no second. Beware!

  47. Neha Sharma says:

    I received the same call today at 5 pm where there was a girl asking for the scheme going on at NYKAA on which if we purchase something worth Rs. 5000 then we will be receiving an additional gift worth Rs 55000 at free of cost and after that purchase they asked me for transferring 13000 more and were saying that they will refund the amount…then i found it creepy so i searched on Google and i was shocked to see that it was damn fraud spreading where they know our address and past nykaa transactions 😐 and after they got to know that we found out about them they deleted all there past messages on WhatsApp as I mentioned the name of police.

    I save my self…but it’s a big scam as they were pretending that it’s a official website..i have their call recording too if required…

  48. Panz banz says:

    GUYS i got a similar call like 15 minuites ago. And I can’t believe for a second I believed them because they knew my address. But I had a class so I told them to call me in an hour. I just thought I should crosscheck and search abt this scheme. And bam! Found this. Wow . Ill probably get a call regarding this in 45 minuites.

    • Aditi says:

      Received a call two days in a row.

      They have my entire order history as well as my address details. How is Nykaa allowing such a data breach?

      He kept insisting I need to make a payment offline on Paytm and that it would show nykaa account details however it showed the name of an Imran Ali. They are providing a bank account number to transfer the money saying this person is a sponsor of nykaa. Cybercrime should look into this and how they have received such details.

  49. Krupa kadia says:

    I also recived a call today from number…the lady’s name was told depti
    And she told me to shop for RS.4999 within 20 minutes while being on the call
    And told that she will send products and the free gift together
    The list of electronic product was the same and she also knew my address
    There is a major hacking and fault of Nyka company..this is a scam and it is not acceptable
    The company should take serious actions.

  50. Anjali says:

    I also got a scam call from nykaa 15 min ago they offered me free gifts like scooty ,laptops etc and asked me to choose one of them. I told them to call me after 1 hr as m outside somewhere .after that I search on Google about nyka latest offers as I got to know about scam calls .Be Aware Guys!

  51. Sara says:

    Same experience right now a couple of minutes back. Stressed on the fact that “we are not any scammers. U dont have to share any pin or otp with us”. Haha. That was the funniest part. Which customer care leaves such a comment?!

  52. Priya says:

    Got call from 2 fake numbers 9836233693 and 9836519448. Stating as nykaa sales team and brain washing to transfer money to personal account number to redeem gift. They are telling all details about my purchase history. Just cut the call.

  53. Priya says:

    Even I got a call today with same fake details… stating lucky winner from nykaa…. 5 options to select do purvhasing of 5k and above…number I got call was from 9647659214

  54. Priya says:

    I got a scam call
    You can made your payments by below mentioned MODE OF PAYMENTS:-

    3. G-PAY UPI

    #A2, 4th Floor, Cnergy IT Park, Old Standard Mill Compound, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025.india.

    They further sent me message on my WhatsApp . Mentioning my number has been selected for free gift.

    How come my number was shared with these scammer by Nykaa.

    Kindly take action n report it asap.


  55. Raghu says:

    I received a call from the mobile number today with the same list of gifts but I cautiously refused the gift.

  56. Anshu Mittal says:

    I got the same call today, they asked to make a purchase of ₹4999 products or buy gift card of nykaa. I asked for cod of products , they said no. They even made me search the gift product choosen on Amazon app, as nykaa do not sell the electronics .
    They have all your details, your number, name, last order amount, address.
    I said I don’t believe you guys, so they said that why are you in doubt, you can also return products to nykaa if you do not get the gift. I said I don’t have this amount of money at the first place to purchase anything right away. She immediately disconnected .

  57. Anagha Tondwalkar says:

    I got the same call just now. While talking over a call, I browsed, and found this article. Immediately I cut the call. Thanks a lot for saving my money and time.

  58. Anitta Clarance says:

    I got a call a min before from the number. They said that I won some lucky draw and she listed out some gifts like tv, iPhone etc.
    I felt it like a scam call.
    Pls nykka take proper action against them.
    I thought that my personal details are safe with ur team and now see what happen?
    I need proper explanation for this team

  59. Soniya says:

    I also got call from this number she claim that I got selected in lucky offer I browsed about it , and found this article. Immediately I cut the call. Thanks a lot for saving my money.

  60. Haarini says:

    I got a similar call and as a fool did the transaction.Need proper explanation from Nykaa for misusing customer details. need help to report and retrieve it

  61. Sumati Udhlani says:

    I got a similar call from this no. And she said I’m Janvi Gupta from Nykaa. Just need a proper explanation how these people using our personal details? How they know about our shopping history?

  62. Amrin says:

    Hi, today I received a phone call from unknown number. That lady said I got a bumper price from nykaa because I bought shampoo and they know that date of purchase and price also that thing made me surprised. They said I need to make purchase of 4999 from nykaa and said I need to pay via paytm or other upi mode and i got dell laptop. And they also said they return 50 % cash within 2 minutes. But eventually I understood all scam and luckily save my money but i am little worried about my personal details because knew my purchased list my address and all.

  63. Mansi Sisodia says:

    I also got a call from Scammer mentioning my name and contact details correctly and asked me purchase it’s worth 4999 on nykaa. Below are the details

    Its Our Biggest Promotion of This Year
    You have been selected for some special gift from
    After purchasing any selected product from you will be eligible to get one assured gift below mentioned.
    These prizes are assured only for selected customer with limited period offer. You can grab this one time bumper
    Opportunity by availing a single offer from offers various lifestyle products on our sales in huge discount price.
    I f you will purchase any product Rs: – 4,999/ Company will provide you a one assured gift totally free of cost. If you
    have any complaint writes us: complaint: you can also call on our number in (Working Hours) available. You will get a
    best solution within 48 hours your problem will be resolved via mail
    We will feel happy to help you.
    1- Sony Bravia 123.2 cm (49 inches) 4K UHD LED Smart LED TV
    2- Dell Inspiron core i5 11th Gen- 15.6 Inch (Laptop) (8GB/1TB+256 GB SSD)
    3- Apple IPHONE 12 128GB
    4- Voltas 2 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper SAC_245V_ADZ)
    5- LG 471 L 4Star LG ThinQ (Wi-Fi) Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator
    You Need to Do The Payment Through Online Transaction Because Cash on Delivery Not Available in This Offer.
    You can do your payments below mentioned mode of payments
    – Amazon UPI, PAYTM UPI, Google Pay, Paytm, Mobile Banking, Net Banking.

  64. Alpa Patel says:

    I too got a similar call from number. WhatsApp of this number has DP photo as Nykaa regular brand photo. Very very convincing to be true but somehow found it fishy …and then article saved me. Thanks a lot

  65. Samriddhi tripathi says:

    Today I got a call from this fraud she was offering me the gift item written in this website. When I was having a conversation with her she was sometimes saying nykaa sorry in between, she tricked me very well but suddenly I noticed that she was tracking my order details but she asked for my full name that time I thought she was suspicious but truecaller was saying that number is verified as true hence I got confused but I checked on google website and luckily found this website about nykaa fraud I luckily got saved from that fraud and canceled for her offer I say a big thanks to this website and luckily my account was not linked to shopping website I saved my money .

  66. Deepti says:

    Today I received the same scam call from Nykaa customer support offering expensive prices and want me to add some products in the Nykaa official app and insisting me to stay on call and they would wait till the order is placed in the cart.

    Be aware of such type of fraud.

    But the strange thing is, this issue is being reported since 2021 and now its 2022 ending – still the scam is on and no action is been taken by anyone?

  67. Anuradha says:

    I received a call
    Today from nykaa saying about the lucky draw .It was from regarding the offers .I had to login to website and make a purchase of 4999 after which 40% would be refunded .sounded fishy and after I said that it seems unbelievable,she said that the call is recorded by govt of india and that it’s not put on website since it is offered to only selected customers.I read this and understand that it’s a scan .Thankyou for this

  68. Charu Jain says:

    I got a similar call from today offering me the same 5 gift options listed by other people above and they knew my order history on Nykaa app. They didn’t ask me for any of my personal details but they were very specific that payment has to be made from one of the UPI apps directly and that they would give a promocode which is to be mentioned in the ‘payment Note’ on the UPI app. I was told that I can either purchase products worth 5k by adding them to my cart and giving them the product details or I can purchase a gift voucher from the Nykaa app worth 5k to purchase items later on with a validity of 1 year. She even mentioned that Govt of India has a recording of this call and I’ve taken down the account number, IFSC code and recipient name of the account that they were asking me to transfer money to. I will be reporting this ti Nykaa and mentioning the account number here as well so that people reading this can be alert.

    Recipient Name – NYKMARKETING

    Fraudsters have really taken this to a whole new level these days. Be alert people!

  69. Lavanya says:

    Today I got a scam call from Nykaa support offering expensive prices and I’ve been asked to purchase for 5000 rupees out of which I will be getting 50% cashback then I searched in google for the related scam yeah I found out that this was a scam and cut the call. The funnies part is they do have color options as well for iPhone.!! My biggest surprise is that how come this scammers have my phone no,my latest purchase history and even my home address. Nykaa doesn’t have data security it seems and Nykaa has to take strict actions against them else I think we need to stop purchasing from Nykaa.

  70. Unknown says:

    Similarly I got a call too…all the same gifts and 5k amount to be paid and asked to stay on call except she said that she’s calling from w for woman instead of Nykaa

  71. Mamta says:

    Today, i got a call from person posing as Nykaa rep when i told her to stop calling, she replied that i an getting calls because i haven’t claimed my prize yet. Also she rudely informed me that i can always disconnect from my side… this has got to stop. Nykaa has to do better with customer info protection

  72. Ayushi Pawar says:

    Same happened with me just now, I got a call telling the same as above mentioned gifts & offer so side by side I searched about this biggest promotion of Nykaa & thankfully I have seen this site so I told the girl on the call that why are you scamming people as I know that you are a scammer, she refused to accept that & continues to convince me that I’m not asking for any personal details & blah blah so you can’t call me a scammer than she again asked me if I want to claim their offer or not I said no then she finally cut the call.

  73. Priyanka Mimani says:

    A scammer called me just now with the same offer. They will eventually ask you to make payment through a link received on WhatsApp. Very convincing. Sharing details for caution.
    WhatsApp notification came from number –

  74. Shalini says:

    I too got a call on Jan 25 1.00. The lady who called me my phone no, date on which i purchased the item, it’s cost and my latest purchase address. She has insisted me on buying for an amount of 4999 and above either nykka products or nykaa gift card. And insisted that I need to purchase the product immediately.
    It is a spam call for sure but how did they get this data. No one is answering this question.

  75. Jahnavi Gajula says:

    Got the similar call today i.e. 28-01-2023.same scam call same offer.
    called from number:.
    Knew of scams buts still lost quite some of amount.
    please be aware friends do not take any calls from nykaa about offers.

  76. Kunal says:

    I too got the same call claiming to be from Nykaa Sales and Executive Department. The numbers are @#$%^15419, 896127&*)(. As mentioned above, some prizes will be offered to you and payment of Rs. 5000 is asked to pay to them directly and share the screenshot of that to a whatsapp number.. Later they will ask to pay the gst amount of the product you would be choosing as prize. They hace keeping record of everything, as I got repetitive calls from them again explaining all the procedure, when I said you are fraud, they explained that earlier you were stuck at this phase.

    • Supriya Rai says:

      Hi.. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are right. These are fraudulent elements making scam calls. Do report their numbers.

  77. shweta katti says:

    I got call from this number claiming same as mentioned in above comments please be alert…

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