NRC Agro Accelerates Growth with Tally

NRC Agro, one of the leading vegetables’ suppliers in Chennai, today announced the automation of all its business operations using the Tally.ERP 9 software package from Tally Solutions Pvt. Limited (TSPL). The company is now covering a range of operations, from account and inventory management to tracking all areas of outstanding and product movement with greater accuracy, using Tally.ERP 9.

NRC Agro, which first implemented Tally in 1991, has been significantly expanding its operational efficiencies over the years with the implementation of all subsequent product enhancement releases of the Tally software. With the company’s expanding business, there was a requirement for greater automation in operations, better speed in data processing, along with higher levels of concurrency in data entry and accurate profitability analysis.

In 2013, after implementing  Tally.Server 9 upon the existing Tally.ERP 9 architecture, the company has been getting 100% accurate and real-time Management Information System (MIS) when handling up to 60 Metric Ton (MT) of quantity per day. The company now handles 50% more volume of data in peak hours, with greater concurrency and agility. This has in turn helped the company to report the real-time average rate per kg to farmers for their respective lots/vegetables.

NRC Agro currently uses Tally.Server 9 and Tally.ERP 9 for all MIS reporting requirements including Customer and Supplier Outstandings, Stock Summary, Cash/Bank Balance, Bills-to-Pay and Bills-to-Receive and Profitability Analysis.

“Earlier all our financial accounting functions were done manually which was leading to poor speed and inconsistencies in operations. This prompted us to move to Tally. The simplicity of the software made it extremely easy for our existing accountants to quickly learn and implement Tally. Most of our employees have a basic educational background, but are well-versed in Tally now,” says Ram Mohan, Owner – NRC Agro. “Also, the recent decision to adopt Tally.Server 9, has been helping us achieve the desired results.” he further added.

NRC Agro, is one of the earliest adopters of accounting software in their line of business. It now boasts of a robust IT infrastructure, and claims that the right technology implementation has been one of the major reasons behind the company’s current annual turnover of 35 crore.