Now stop unwanted calls with Truecaller alternative, Holaa

India has one of the fastest growing online/ mobile population in the world and is facing challenges like uncontrolled malware, diverse cybercrime. According to reports, phones are one of the fastest and economical way of communication, but sometimes they are bagged with unexpected surprises like unwanted phone calls.

Similarly, data shows that unsolicited phone calls and texts from telemarketers are on the decline whereas WhatsApp and Internet-based spam is on the rise.

There are numerous reasons for getting unwanted calls like your cell phone number must have been allotted  to someone else before  or your number mistakenly appeared in some directory. Regardless of the cause, solutions are popping up ranging from downloadable apps and 3rd party services that can help manage the experience.

Calls from telemarketers can eat up your monthly minutes, or just plain waste your time. If you’re tired of answering or calling back there are so many apps to help you. One such app is Holaa which is here to help you.

Holaa is basically a free caller ID app. Holaa!, like Truecaller, allows users to see details like the caller’s name, photo and location during an incoming call live. It also helps block spam calls from pesky spammers or other unwanted callers. The app regularly provides additional information about phone book contacts, which the user can add to their directory by using the ‘Merge’ feature. Users can also share contact information for both phone book contacts and unknown contacts with their friends using a share option allowing the sharing of names, mobile numbers, photos and e-mail addresses. Currently it is available only on Android.


“It also maps your favorite friends or relatives basis the time you have spent speaking to them. Based on the user’s calling history Holaa also reminds you to call your connections at per-determined times.For example, if you regularly call a certain person at 7 AM every morning, it prompts you to do just that says Vikas Saxena, CEO- Nimbuzz


You can even search people’s names based on their phone numbers. Holaa! has a database of 300 Million plus mobile numbers, which is used to identify callers unknown to you. It has garnered tremendous success across the world with new users getting onto the platform every single minute.

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