Now Lie Detector Test on Internet!

Have you ever wondered whether someone you are chatting with on
the Internet is actually telling the truth? Now you can find the truth-by
using a lie detector software developed by an Israeli technology firm.

The software has been developed by a subsidiary of BATM Advanced
Communications, KishKish and has an interface resembling a real polygraph
complete with monitors and needles, an AFP report said. The lie detector
monitors, in real time, the stress levels in a speaker’s voice. Anyone
desirous of using the internet lie detector needs to talk for 15 seconds to
calibrate his or her voice, then sound waves start to peak if stress levels are
high, a light flashes from green to red and a needle jumps to the end of a
scale. Voice stress analysis, or VSA, although is a disputed technology that
attempts to measure stress levels by observing the amplitude of tremors in a
person’s voice.

After signing a deal with Internet telephony giant Skype, the
company’s server has crashed five times after tens of thousands of Web users
rushed to download the lie detector, offered for free though there is little
evidence to prove that lie-detecting machines work, leave alone on the Internet
lie detector.

After working with Skype, KishKish has developed a number of
add-ons for Internet telephone services, including an answering machine,
contacts book and SMS, but none of the add-ons have been able to match the
popularity of the lie detector. The product can be downloaded for free on the
Internet. In the pipeline are plans to release love-o-meter, designed to detect
emotional interest levels across the Web!

So the next time when someone wants to know your ‘ASL’, be
careful in responding; you just might be caught in the Web.


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