Now, earn up to Rs 25 lakhs for reporting a bug in Google's Android

New Update

Since 2010, Google's security reward programs have helped make Google products safer for everyone. Last year, for instance, Google paid more than 1.5 million dollars to security researchers for finding vulnerabilities in Google products.


At the Blackhat Mobile security summit, the firm announced that the top award of $38,000 (approximately Rs 24,37,000 at current rupee-dollar exchange rates) would go to the researchers who can show an attack on an unknown vulnerability to gain the deepest level of access at the kernel level, and also show a way to address this vulnerability by providing a patch.

Here are some details about the new Android Security Rewards program:

For vulnerabilities affecting Nexus phones and tablets available for sale on Google Play (currently Nexus 6 and Nexus 9), Google will pay for each step required to fix a security bug, including patches and tests. This makes Nexus the first major line of mobile devices to offer an ongoing vulnerability rewards program.


In addition to rewards for vulnerabilities, the program offers even larger rewards to security researchers that invest in tests and patches that will make the entire ecosystem stronger.

The largest rewards are available to researches that demonstrate how to work around Android’s platform security features, like ASLR, NX, and the sandboxing that is designed to prevent exploitation and protect users.

The rewards range from $500 for a minor bug and go all the way up to $38,000 for a severe vulnerability.

For more details, please refer link here: Android Security Rewards Program Rules

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