We are not just going digital, but are constantly on a journey of digital transformation

—Sachin Jain CIO (Global IT Operations) & CISO, Evalueserve
Sachin Jain

Established in 2000, Evalueserve has grown to become a leading provider of proprietary solutions and specialist services for research, analytics and data management to companies in every industry.

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organization?

Evalueserve is positioned as a company ‘powered by mind+machine.’ Naturally, we are not just going digital but are constantly on a journey of digital transformation. As a global professional services provider offering research, analytics, and data management  ervices, we have created multiple digital platforms for clients globally. We see digitization as the catalyst for transformative growth – both for the organization as well as all Evalueserve members – as it helps create an assembly line of routine tasks while focusing on more cerebral activities.

What is your digital transformation plan and strategy? What are the deliverables that you expect and the ones that are already coming in?

Some projects have helped us create a platform that allowed us to go digital in multiple directions – our Cloud journey and the creation of a balance between Cloud and Hybrid Cloud was an important step that enabled and shaped our digital transformation approach. Security is a key area in which we have been using automation and digitization. It has helped us in a big  way by lowering governance risks and strengthening compliance, thereby offering convenience and up to 90% efficiency to users.

Digital platforms covering multiple domains/industries are among our key focus areas because of their higher revenue growth potential. We have already launched a few platforms, and much more are in pipeline.

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