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Noida to experience benefits of real-time integration: Arijit Mitra, CIO, Noida Power Company

Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL), the power distributor for Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, is a pro-technology and pro-innovation organization. Recognizing the high potential of Information Technology in the energy sector, the company worked hard in 2016 to achieve deep integration of information in its Geographic Information System (GIS) and Distribution Automation (DA) Systems.

The brains behind all the IT activities performed in the firm, Arijit Mitra says, “The extent of IT integration that we have took up in 2016 has ensured that even accounting information at the elemental level will be linked with data authenticated through GIS. Our customers will experience the benefits of real-time integration with SCADA, DMS and OMS systems with richer quality of information and faster turnaround times.” He believes that 2016 was a milestone year for NPCL as the efforts put in the previous year will continue to pay back over many years beyond 2017.

With the emergence of smartphone, a prominent tool for IT adoption, it opens up many gateways through its compact versions and ever evolving features in it. “My top two priorities for 2017 will be extending the reach of mobile applications to the nooks and corners of manual processes in the organization and in building competencies for predictive analytics based on machine learning” Mitra agrees. Choosing strategic imperatives for his organization, he imparts, “We also intend to begin the process of hardware and system refreshes to create the foundations of in-memory computing.”

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