NIT Warangal Offers Online Course on Python for Machine Learning to Students at Rs 500

NIT Warangal has invited applications from students and professionals for a short-term online course on Python for Machine Learning

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NIT Warangal is currently accepting applications from students and professionals for a short-term online course on Python for Machine Learning. The course will be conducted from 26 to 30 July 2021 in the evenings around 5 pm for three hours a day. The course will cost Rs 500 for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and will cost Rs 1000 for industry participants.


The course is being conducted by NIT Warangal’s Department of CSE and the Department of Mathematics in association with the Center for Continuing Education. Participants will get an e-certificate upon successful completion of the course. Suppose a participant misses any class, the course material and session recordings could be shared with participants with the consent of the speaker.

What the NIT Warangal Online Course on Python for Machine Learning Will Cover

The online course aims at introducing participants to python programming constructs, and at imparting knowledge and training on the fundamentals of python with different aspects and applications to machine learning. The following topics will be covered by NIT Warangal in the online course:

  • Introduction to Python: Installation, and Python Editors.
  • Variables, Objects, Operators, and Primitive Data Types.
  • Compound Data types: List, Tuples, Sets, and Dictionaries.
  • Conditional Statements Loops: for, while, do while.
  • Functions, and Building your own functions.
  • Numpy: Multi-dimensional Arrays.
  • Matplotlib: 2D and 3D plotting in python Regular Expressions.
  • Scipy: Scientific library for python Pandas: Providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures.
  • SymPy: Symbolic mathematics and computer algebra. scikit-image: Collection of algorithms for image processing.
  • scikit-learn is a collection of algorithms and tools for machine learning.

How to Apply for NIT Warangal Online Course on Python for Machine Learning?

Interested participants will have to submit online applications through a dedicated Google form provided by the institute, and then pay the requisite fee before 20 July 2021. On receiving the Google form and fee remittance receipt, participants will be sent confirmation of their participation through email by 22 July 2021. Applicants are advised to go through the course brochure in detail prior to submitting applications.