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NIT Warangal Invites Applications for Online Course on Python Programming

NIT Warangal has invited applications from interested students and professionals for online course on Python Programming for Beginners

NIT Warangal is currently accepting applications from interested students and professionals for an online course called “Python Programming for Beginners using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”. The Sessions will be handled by experts From IITs, NITs, industries and professors from US universities. Participants will receive insights into the latest tools and techniques in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

Upon the completion of the training program, the participants of the course will be able to understand and gain knowledge in solving the real-world problems in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning applications. Software like Jupiter Notebooks, Anaconda, Tensorflow, and CUDA, and packages like Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib will be covered as part of the course. Participants will get an e-certificate from NIT Warangal upon completion of the course.

What the NIT Warangal Online Course on Python Programming?

The following topics will be covered as part of the online course on Python programming for beginners using artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Introduction to machine learning and tools installation.

  • Numpy and Pandas using Python.
  • Data preprocessing and visualization.
  • Simple and multiple linear regression.
  • Introduction to Python: Why Python programming, data types and operators, control flow, functions, scripting, classes, regression through gradient descent, particle swarm optimization, teaching learning based optimization.
  • Optimization through meta heuristic techniques.
  • Linear and non-linear regression with the help of gradient descent technique, multi language machine translation using NLP techniques.
  • Decision tree and support vector regression.
  • Introduction to deep learning.
  • ANN using Python.
  • Real time object detection using Open CV and DNN.
  • Tensor Flow and and Keras using Python.
  • Face mask recognition system using Tensor Flow and Keras, Deep RNN and Bidirectional LSTM.

How to Apply for NIT Warangal Online Course on Python Programming?

Interested faculty, research scholars, industry professionals, MCA, MBA, degree, polytechnic and other eligible students can submit online applications through the dedicated Google form before 24 October 2021. The course will be conducted from 25 October to 3 November 2021. The course costs Rs 1000 for faculty, students and research scholars, and Rs 2000 for industry participants. Those who wish to apply are advised to go through the official notification in detail for more information.

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