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NIOS Result 2020: Students Submit Applications for Revaluation, NIOS Assures Speedy Resolution

NIOS result 2020, which was declared earlier this month, led to a lot of panic among students as they were marked absent for practical examinations

NIOS result 2020 issue may now soon be resolved with the Supreme Court taking cognizance on the matter. After several students complained about getting low marks, and also being marked absent for practical examinations, the Top Court asks NIOS to consider request of revaluation of results of newly enrolled students.

NIOS has also assured students of a speedy resolution on the matter, according to a report on Bar and Bench. NIOS will look into representations seeking reassessment or revaluation of NIOS result 2020, and respond within a week, says the report.

Students File Applications Seeking Revaluation of NIOS Result 2020

Several students have filed applications with the National Institute of Open Schooling with regards to “errors” in their marksheets. The questions that students can tick against in the application are as follows:

  • Absent in TMAs so subject yet to clear in theory.
  • Less marks in TMAs so yet to clear in theory subjects.
  • TMAs submitted in study centre, but shown absent in results.
  • Appeared in practical examination but shown absent in result.
  • Formative marks not uploaded by your study centre.
  • Learner passed but not satisfied with the result.
  • TMA marks given but theory marks not awarded in the result.
  • TOC marks not incorporated in the result.

Students can also mention their grievance in detail in another column allotted on the form. NIOS centers are accepting applications, and are also giving a receipt saying the applications have been received from students. However, there is no option on the form for practical examinations that did not take place.

Several students had written to DataQuest saying they were marked absent for practical examinations that could not be conducted due to lockdown. “They have marked Absent in data entry operations practical exam – but the practical exam was cancelled due to COVID 19. I had drop an email on to NIOS board but no response no Till now. Tried calling on the landline and mobile mentioned in the website- no one is helping,” wrote a student to DataQuest like several others.

26 responses to “NIOS Result 2020: Students Submit Applications for Revaluation, NIOS Assures Speedy Resolution”

  1. Yash says:

    How to apply for revalution

  2. GEORGE V THOMAS says:

    How to apply for re-evaluation my marks are very vey I got 94 percent in 10 th nios and now all marks show 60 or below I want it rechecked Ana even the tma marks are bad

    • Ritika says:

      You will have to go to NIOS centre, request for the application form, and submit the filled form along with your results

  3. Bijal Shah says:

    We r in Mumbai so can e-mail is allowed as speedpost we did on 10 th August still not reached …plz suggest as courier for it is valid as we wl write a letter with mentioning problem in it .

  4. Shahnavi g naik says:

    We are not enough with the marks given for 10th ,where I used to get above 90 . It made problem for my higher education.

  5. Pritam Biswas says:

    Which NIOS centres to file application for revaluation of Sr. Secondary Results as none picking the phones not such facilities r available on the website.. plz guide

  6. Kazi Saqlin Hasem says:

    Request to consider my TMA. I couldnt submit the TMA due to current pandemic situations.

  7. N. Mhonchoni says:

    Due to lockdown of the pandemic practical examination has been cancelled not conducted though I got syco in practical. it discouraged me a lot. so the nios should consider the case as much as possible.

  8. Sadika says:

    Mene apna tma apne sir ko diya tha but unhone study center me submit nahi karaya he or mere result me NC aya he in 2 subjects and AB in all subjects to mera result change hoga kya muje TMA fir se jama kara ne hoge

  9. Mahendra says:

    Can we register our complaint online. Can anyone suggest link? Or do we have to go to NIOS centre, for Maharashtra it’s pune?

  10. Prince Verma says:

    Data Entry exam not held due to corona but shown absecent less marks given in theory and tma all subject i cant get admission in any college my 1 year otlly wasted

  11. Subhadip Dey says:

    Firstly I would like to say that the marks which is been given by the NIOS board is a very poor marks , with that marks I can’t take admission in any good college . Secondly they mark me absent in data entry practical exam with what reason I don’t know.

    I beg to state you that please do a possible way for us to take admission in a good college. Please do not let waste students one year by marking wrong in the marksheet.

  12. manish says:

    In my 10th i have scored 86 percentage but when I have given exam from nios i have scored only 60 percentage

  13. Manish Kumar Jha says:

    Email se sand kiya hai 50k + Students ne Application nios revaluation result all students 🙏
    Please #justice_for_nios_students
    Jis Students ne Application Sand nahi kya unka bhi result dubara aana chahiye🙏
    Nios ki galti hai na ki Students ki

    All nios Students revaluation result

  14. Minto says:

    nios.ac.in par karo

  15. Airman Dhillon says:

    Credit carry subjects not updated in result. Please consider this also. Students already passed 3 exams but this is not updated in result, they are still in hanging position. What to do?

  16. Aryan Jakhar says:

    I have sent more than 10 mails but still they haven’t revert back and I have also attached the ID card, Mark sheet , Aadhar card along with my mail. Will they re-evaluate my result on the basis of my TMA And Practical ?
    I scored 90% in TMA and Practicals but they gave me around 55%.

  17. Sakshi Kandpal says:

    I got low marks in TMA and I prepare my TMA very well .how is it possible.

  18. Dolan Mukherjee says:

    Tma ki hisab se theory me marks nehi mila hai kiu?

  19. Sharesh sunar says:

    Firstly I would like to say for what reason nios given us so poor marks. We are not satisfied with the results. If we have exam then we can get good marks. On demand results is good for all but we want good marks for good life.
    We want justice..

  20. Ezra julius says:

    I appeared practical exam for two subjects but in my marksheet it is written absent.

  21. Tarun Sharma says:

    Meri 3 subject me back de rakhi ha to kya application se me pass ho jyunga

  22. Madhuri Narkhede says:

    When can we expect the final result. I have submitted my re evaluation form still no result

  23. Nancy says:

    This is not good for students. I m passed in 3 subjects but my toc still does not updated. This is still my hanging position. What can i do for my toc. Please fast update the result. You spoil the student life day by day.

  24. Nancy verma says:

    This is not good for students. I m passed in 3 subjects but my toc still does not updated. This is still my hanging position. What can i do for my toc. Please fast update the result. You spoil the student life day by day.

  25. Karan Bhanushali says:

    I gave on demand in 2018 and got 13/20 in physics in practicals where in written i got really low in maths and physics both, then i went to pune for re evaluation but the mentor harassed me in front of my parents and wouldn’t re evaluate my papers so then i took a break and prepared hard and submitted tma in 2020 but my tma was shown absent and then in lockdown i passed physics but in maths it shows me as NC and TMA absent in both subjects i got stressed and got sick now I submitted TMA 2nd time, i have lost 4 years because of two stupid subjects coz of stupid NIOS, got extremely stressed. I sent grievance now told them about my journey, I hope they pass me without wasting my further time so I can start my pilot training without losing further time.

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