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NIOS Result 2020: Students Ask for Re-declaration of Results as Marksheets Show Absent for Exams that Didn’t Happen

While NIOS result 2020 for classes 10 and 12 were declared last week, dissatisfied students and parents ask for a re-declaration of results

NIOS result 2020 for classes 10 and 12 have been declared by the National Institute of Open Schooling. However, scores of students and parents claim that there are “mistakes” that have been made while declaring the results the board will have to rectify. Others have been demanding for the board to retract and re-declare the results as well.

“NIOS board should again declare results for April 2020 examinations. How can anyone give us marks on the basis others performance this is total injustice,” says Tauseef Akram.

Problems with the NIOS Result 2020 According to Parents and Students

Students claim that in their marksheets, “ABS” or absent has been displayed for practical examinations that could not be conducted due to the lockdown in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. “How one can be absent, if there are no exams held? I got absent in 2 subjects. Also due to the server issues I was not able to upload my assignments. And they have given me absent there too. Please look into these issues. I have mailed about these issues too,” said Yakin Diwan to DataQuest.

The same claim has been corroborated by several students and parents with marksheets and other documents. “I m 10th class student. NIOS declared that I have passed in four subject but in data entry it shows SYC and ABS in practical. NIOS has not conducted the practical due to lockdown because my practical was on 23rd March. How can they show absent?” said Ayush Gautam.

“They have not conducted practicals and they have given me Absent remarks on my marksheet for practical. This is so unfair and truly disappointing,” says Shaikh Saba, another student who is facing the same problem.

“There is a big blunder where a lot of centers have not put the PCP marks. The students are assessed for practicals based on PCP marks. The practical and PCP share 50% weightage. Even if a student gets zero in PCP, and gets 70% in practical (example in painting if a students gets 70% of 35 that is 50% weightage i.e. 24.5 marks) he/she would pass. My son has been marked ABS in two subjects because the center did not submit the score,” says Dr Darshan Trivedi.

What Students Can Do About Their NIOS Result 2020

Students said to DataQuest that they will submit formal applications to the main NIOS centre regarding “errors” that have been made in the NIOS result 2020. NIOS, however, has still not responded on the matter.

50 responses to “NIOS Result 2020: Students Ask for Re-declaration of Results as Marksheets Show Absent for Exams that Didn’t Happen”

  1. Ilyesse says:

    They should not redecalre or retract because if they do that it’s going to create problem for those who have already passed and apply for institutions and courses because of the last date for admission is getting closed.What they’ll do?however they should rectify or revise the result.

  2. Ilyesse says:

    What to redecalre or retract…?because what about the students who have passed and applied for institutions and courses?what should they do…the result should be revised not cancel because it will be problematic for many students…also the last date for colleges are going to be closed soon why NIOS is playing with students life…

  3. Dhrubajit Das says:

    Sir I am also getting problem because NIOS website improvement mark updation link has been closed since 11/10/2019 . How can I get this solution

  4. Jitin Chugh says:

    My son had past performance and passed in 3 subjects earlier and as per NIOS notification average marks of best 2 past performance were to be considered to pass in 2 subjects for which he was to appear this time but there is no change and his 2 subjects are still showing SYC.

  5. Abdul Sattar says:

    In my sons case the TMA marks have gone wrong and the theory marks are v v less. NIOS should not play with students career.

  6. Kishan Kumar says:

    They Should declared the result again. We are facing many problems regarding admission. I hope nios will uodate the result soon

  7. Dharitri Tripathy says:

    Owing to unavoidable circumstance it was little bit late to submit assignments .A lot of requests mentioning reasons was invain. At last it was found absent in the result. So requesting to be liberal ,thoughtful and prompt enough to accept the assognments on informing and accelerating declaration of result keeping in view the fate of the students at this CORONA pandemic situation. For which act of acceleration obligation would be rushed. Thanq.

  8. Shubha says:

    We want for revaluation for the students who wrote ode exam in March results are not not as expected

  9. Ayesha says:

    I have scored 82% in 10th from CBSE and in 12 I got 51%from nios this is hell I am not getting honours in college it’s like my life is totally ended my dreams are ended I was supposed to take honours in English it’s my best n scoring subject any how I want 80% bcz am a good student and I want this

  10. Aditya Bhatt says:

    The same me too the practicals didn’t happened due to lockdown nd they mark ABS in place of practical marks they should declare our results again or should give better solution for as.

  11. Hood says:

    Sub: Re: Stream 1 Block 1 Senior Secondary March/April 2020

    I am a single parent (Mother), My son had been studying thru CBSE board till standard 10th but due to some financial as well as family problems.
    He had to switch from CBSC to NIOS for doing class 12th.We didn’t know its norms and regulations etc……

    We submitted TMA at below center:
    Delhi NORTH EAST DELHI – 110094
    but was not showing on portal. We tried to contact so many people but were of no use.
    My son also appeared in Geography practical for the same that is also not reflecting on the portal.
    We don’t know its procedure because this is the first time that we are not getting regular schooling.

    Now as per the notice on 10/7/2020 that the exams have been cancelled due to pandemic and the students will be promoted as per TMA marks.

    Now in the result ABS reflecting on all subjects excluding Geography.
    Again calling NIOS but nobody takes call there.

    Totally unfair that they can ruin anybody’s year without thinking a bit????????????????????

  12. Hartika Tiwari says:

    I’m Hartika Tiwari first time appreant student of nios 12 th class (PCM+B) .
    My study centre was Navodya vidayala Naya raipur.
    My practical exam centre was maharishi vidayala raipur .
    In my region all the TMA and practicals were done and I have given all the 3 ( phy ,chem,&bio) practicals but the result declared by nios was showing me absent in 2(phy & chem) practicals and present in one . After this I contact to my study centre they said to contact the regional office but no one is picking up the call .so I mailed to nios through my student ID and even personally but still no ans from there side .It’s becoming very difficult for us bcoz of this I m not able to take admission in college.
    And one more major issue is that no one is getting how the theory marks is calculated as I’m first time appreant my theory marks should be calculated on the bases of TMA and practicals and I got full full marks in TMA and practicals they showed me absent …so my Theory marks should be very good wrt to TMA but they gave me just passing marks in practical and non practical subject both.

    Sir kindly help us this is so injustice with us and our own board is not understanding and caring for our future we have no place to knock for justice .
    As supreme Court ordered to reales the result before 7 Aug bcoz for our future ,so we can take admission but the result that was declared is of no use for us now as it is very unfair with lowest marking that nios can given and even they showed almost every one absent in practicals……so help us sir plzzzz…. Only this is the place where I find to speak and convey our nios students problem……If it’s was the matter of cbse or icse whole world will be there to fight all media news paper made it as a national news but it’s is of nios so no one even bother . We are as equal as other students we had work hard for whole year for the result so why this inequality is happening I wanna request our HRD minister honourable Sir Ramesh Phokriwal ji to personally take under the nios matter. As we are there children and our future is in now there hand as nios is not taking any measure .
    Kindly help us as soon as possible I shall be highly obliged to you for this.

    Thanking you

  13. Ashok Kumar says:

    Those students who were unable to submit their TMA , they should be given a chance to submit their assessments.

  14. Armaan says:

    I got 16 in paper and 14 in TMA =30 NIOS CAN give me 10 marks extra to pass in HINDI

  15. Lalremtling Tuolor says:

    Things should be clear enough & we’re subjected to know what’s happening with us. Here, when I went to ask the head of our institution, he replied, “I even don’t know”. What is the meaning of ‘Absent’ here, I really dont get it.

  16. Debaru says:

    We opposed the marking system of nios board
    How they decided….. without exam we will failed.

  17. Saina rai says:

    I have been failed in my previous examination becaue of my illness and I had re exams on march2020 bt due to covid 19 the exam were postponed and after the results were declared I was passed in 4 subject bt SYC in 2 and if I had written my exams I had given my best and scored better…but now m fail….what should I do…????.
    And the date for admission is also been finished….

  18. Debdarshan Mondal says:

    I did give an exam last session of examination in NIOS but an average marking was provided in mathematics and hence I recieved a marks not upto my expectation though I was too sure with my performance. But I applied for a next examination this time for mathematics. The examination wasn’t held dur to the covid-19 pandemic and the previous marks were reprinted in my report card which is quite awful from their side. Hence I want NIOS to re-evaluate the marks in the report once more

  19. Venugopal says:

    My son who wrote NIOS exam 2020 and in his marksheet one subject is written as SYC as he already submitted his TMA. Many times we send emails and personally went to NIOS office they said we will intimate you but nothing has done so far. In this situation we are unable to apply for further admission.please do needful

  20. Yash Sahu says:

    Kya battmijhi ha yehh
    Paper hua nhi
    Fir bhi Fail krr diya😑😑

  21. Adheena maria says:

    I didn’t get the 2 transfered subject marks , in the results

  22. Bidhan says:

    I am a 12th grade student from NIOS and this year’s March and April exam was my first time appearance for the exam due to the pandemic I could not give the exam but I had already submitted my TMA and now it is showing me as absent ….. How can they do it !???

  23. Vansh Tyagu says:

    Abe practicals lelo agr absent hi show krna tha toh…. Ab dobara se date release kro practicals ki… Without conducting practicals I got absent…. What’s hell is this? 😡😡😡😡😡

  24. Vansh Tyagi says:

    Abe practicals lelo agr absent hi show krna tha toh…. Ab dobara se date release kro practicals ki… Without conducting practicals I got absent…. What’s hell is this? 😡😡😡😡😡… Otherwise students will do strike there

  25. Kasturi Mondal says:

    I am kasturi Mondal, the Mark’s NIOS has given to us is so bade that I am not even getting addition in any college.
    We will destroy our life our education like this.
    Please we want some information from NIOS.

  26. Student in NIOS says:

    I am a fresh learner in NIOS 10th course. In January, the amount of hard work I have put into TMA is unimaginable and in February I went to give my practicals too. I was writing my exams through NIOS because it was much better for me. The marks I got doesn’t even show half of my hard work in it. It is almost like I did nothing.

  27. Student in NIOS says:

    I am a fresh learner in NIOS 10th course. In January, the amount of hard work I have put into TMA is unimaginable and in February I went to give my practicals too. I was supposed to write the exams in March-April but due to the pandemic, it got canceled. I was writing my exams through NIOS because it was much better for me. The marks I got doesn’t even show half of my hard work in it. It is almost like I did nothing.

  28. Hood says:


  29. Ishika walwani says:

    I m ishika walwani student of Nios class 12th sir I gave the exam to 27 February and the practical of that exam gave the 28 February but sir result is not showing sir m trying to find my result but even it is not coming and please sir help me ..and tell me how to see the results. I m not able to take admission in college because of this results please.. sir help us…there is no one to pick the call in the Nios centre

  30. Sumit Bhowmick says:

    I am a 10th grade student from NIOS and this year’s March and April exam was my first time appearance for the exam due to the pandemic I could not give the exam but I had already submitted my TMA and now it is showing me as absent ….. How can they do it !???

  31. Sumit Bhowmick says:

    I am a 10th grade student from NIOS I had already submitted my TMA and now it is showing me as absent ….. How can they do it !???

  32. Mohd Aarzoo says:

    My sister appeared for class 12th from NIOS she submit all assignments in clean and well mannered but school does not give her good marks im TMA and on the basis of TMA Marks university give less marks now i ask from university if you dont able to arrange a papers and practical due to covid 19 so in that their is no fault from students side, so you dont have right to give a fail result of any students. Due to irresponsile act of NIOS school where practicles are arranged they ask for money to students for.good marks..its too bad. I just want to clear the result of all students thankyou

  33. Suhasni says:

    What the hell they did without exams they failed us …
    NIOS board has discriminate with us how can they just pass are 3 subjects and 2fail how can they do this with us….thousands of students are studying in NIOS board and they just destroyed there future many of wants to join clg but how can the possible without 12marksheet
    I request to NIOS board please think about us where we go this is very unthinkable decision !!!

  34. Ambani ka saput says:

    Lol !! I got 56.5% marks without giving any exam. And now I will give class XII exam after one year.

    Money is the real power. 😂😂🙏🏽

  35. Kabak Kadar says:

    This is totally unfair for those students who get fail marks. My sister result is also showing the same got less mark and they had put SYC(subjects yet to be clear). And her TMA marks have already submitted on time but still, she gets a worse result. The result should be re-declare now. Karama se Daar, don’t play with students life.

  36. Ragini pandey says:

    Practical jb dia h maine to kis khushi me Absent show Kia h mjhe ab mai pura saal paper hi deti rhu apne aage k Career pr focus na kru ..kisi ka Career plz kharab na kre or apna y decision toda change kre

  37. Jigmee wonchuk says:

    Iam jigmee wonchuk. I was supposed to appear 10th examination which was unfortunately cancel due to COVID-19 and I got fail in result how student is fail without appearing exam on what bases NIOS declear result, if they had eveluated papers on the bases of assignment how can we obtain passing marks out of 20 marks and this is directly unfair to student how can NIOS can play with student career. Again we have pay fee for examination which will be held on october which we already paid exam fee already and not conducted. Now we have to pay exam fee again what if same result out. It is not fair and I request NIOS for Re-declearation of our result.. Thank you

  38. Khushi hans says:

    I’m a twelfth class student, I gave my assignments to a teacher at my regional center. They didn’t give me any submission receipt neither the remarks. My practicals were canceled and exams too. On my mark sheet every thing was marked absent, even the TMA that I did submit to the school on 31st January. Please regenerate the result, I have to take admission for further education.
    Regional center: dushmesh public school ferozepur city

  39. Hussain Khan says:

    I am Hussain Khan. This year I have appeared for the Higher Secondary Exam from NIOS, the result of which have come out recently. As we didn’t have to give any Examination on Theory, the marks which I got on the basis of Practical and Assignments are very problematic. On the top of that, I have not received any marks for the Physical Education without any proper explanation. Though I have already requested the Respected authority to recheck marks which are extremely low in compare to my assignments and practicals and also to consider my marks of Physical Education, still now I have not recieved any reply from their side. Therefore I would be grateful if you consider the urgency of my concern and take so steps to solve it. Thank you.

  40. KAPIL DEO SAH says:

    NIOS has play a huge game to the student. What is the meaning of NIOS Senior secondary result? In this Corona period NIOS has announced Senior secondary result for pass. Under what circumstances they failed a lot of student different reasons. They provide 01 and 02 marks for practical. what is the meaning of 01 and 02 marks while the exam not conducted.


    There is no explanation of why we have got such low marks in theory . I have submitted all my TMA files on time with correct answers still i got very low marks in TMA and when there is no theory exams conducted then HOW can I fail ?

  42. Durgesh says:

    Hii actually mera result nhi aaya hai nios 12th ka. Because i didn’t pay fees… Kay mai exam fees pay karke mera result aayega kay??? Help me..

  43. Lipika kaudi says:

    We have got such low marks in theory. Plz conduct the exam.

  44. H perying says:

    Same situation upon my sister without conducting exam how can they produce d SYCT


    within 24 hours , After discovery read on public news papers , senior secondary exams results of NIOS open schooling on the 05 AUG 2020 instead of 07th Aug 2020 as published earlier by the Honorable Apex courts Orders we were shocked to read on line the calculated marks in all subjects it was better to grant 000 in all subjects . We only hope and pray learned experts , give us value added example of use of education with a peaceful application of mind set and not create more confessions added to current growing pandemic effects and affects



  47. Lumlangki Nongrum says:

    How i fail one subject without exam i don’t understand why

  48. jasim says:

    Sir my data entry mark not found in result during the exam time of data entry the center was closed because of covid issue pleas help us we are struggling a lot of this problem our money out future everything in it

  49. Karishma Suresh Pawar says:

    I obtained 36marks in Economics which is as per the criteria is passed but still there is showing SYC that means subject yet to clear but but I am clearly passed please do something about it

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