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NIOS Board Exam 2020: Promote Us Like CBSE Students, say NIOS Students

NIOS Board Exam 2020 for classes ten and 12, which was supposed to be held on 17 July 2020, has now been postponed by the HRD Ministry

NIOS Board Exam 2020 has now been postponed by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development in view of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country. “In continuation of Notification No. 14/2020 dated 01.6.2020, the Public Examination of Secondary and Senior Secondary (Theory), March/April 2020 rescheduled to commence from 17th July 2020 stands postponed till further orders due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation,” said the official notification from the National Institute of Open Schooling.

“The NIOS learners are advised to visit NIOS website www.nios.ac.in www.sdmis.nios.ac.in for further information. This issues with the approval of the competent authority,” added NIOS in its statement. While both theory and practical exams have been postponed by the Central Government, students seem to be unhappy with this decision.

Several students have been trending the hashtags promote NIOS and Justice for NIOS students on Twitter, demanding the HRD Ministry to promote NIOS students as they did with CBSE students. Although NIOS has canceled the Class 12 exams for children with special needs, there is still no official word for remaining students.

“Sir please save our dreams by saving our year. Please give us the same Opportunity as special need students to pass our exam on the basis of Question-answer based assignments,” says Manikarnika on Twitter. “We are also students like CBSE board and ICSE board. Why you are discriminating us stop this discrimination and ignorance we are fed up of this,” says Ayesha Jamil.

Several other students are also citing “mental pressure” as they hope for the postponement of NIOS Board Exam 2020 amidst the rising number of COVID-19 cases. “In NIOS there are approximately 4 lakh students and in that 4 lakh students, there is 40% of the student who is really brilliant and the rest 60% it is the average kind of student. So how could you even think to play with that 40% student’s life and career,” say messages from several students on Twitter.

However, the HRD ministry is yet to make any announcement regarding NIOS. NIOS Board Exam 2020 is conducted twice a year, and students are required to travel to the designated centres to take the examination.

4 responses to “NIOS Board Exam 2020: Promote Us Like CBSE Students, say NIOS Students”

  1. Biplab Chakraborty says:

    HRD MINISTRY, SIR PLEASE HELP AND SAVE OUR life.because i am a NIOS student.please promote us for our success full future.sir now days are very critical situation.so we can’t understand what we do.so we are feeling disable of our life.please help us.

  2. Rishwa Naseer says:

    HRD MINISTER please promote NIOS students . I am in KSA and my exam center is in INDIA so I am not getting a flight due to covid-19, I was in CBSE for my 9th , and for 10th I changed to NIOS, For studying NIOS books I went tuition and I was having exams when cbse was having and now I am still studying my tuition friends are enjoying 🙁 . Please.. please promote NIOS students…It is so dangerous to go out side now a days, I didn’t go outside for 5 months from the lockdown starts… because of Exam I have to go :(. for these 5 months I was safe and now I am not interesting to go out ,
    So sir or madam please promote NIOS students by giving them marks on there TMA.. please or make online exams

  3. Harsh sharma says:

    Please sir promote all student and average marks to promote student cbsc rbsc all student have to promote 11th class humble request Sir

  4. Paramjit Herr Kaul says:

    The students who appeared in the March -April Nios Board secondary n senior secondary exams and not all were passed .Many got nyc just because the TMA was not submitted n some got this nyc because TMA submitted but theory exams not cleared.If the theory papers were cancelled because of covid ,is it the fault of students. Some students went to submit the TMA’s at their AI centers only to know that they are not operative.When they went to submit at the regional head offices, the response of the teachers there is that the last date is gone ,student is late ,so TMA not accepted.Why Nios give AI centers which are not operative .We’ve then submitted the TMA on 24th Aug 2020 as the dt given by the HRD ministry 31st Aug 2020.They did ‘nt gave any receipts of receiving the TMA’s .We even had to pay for two subjects (3050 +300)where it was shown pass but TMA not submitted.The girl/lady just kept on noting down the ID number/mob no and no of TMA ‘s given ,not even the subject codes in a copy.The TMA’s were taken n thrown on left n right side on the floor.One is surprised n shocked to the see the value of the TMA n we’re wondering if anybody will ever read them or go through them or will they be thrown into the dustbin.Or were we made a fool of in the name of submitting the TMA’s.When I enquired at the enquiry window to ask the officer if he knows that the TMA’s are being received ,to this he said that he does’t recognize this activity at the regional head office ,Nios,Noida .I am left highly worried.

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