NIIT unveils flagship training centre at Tongren Polytechnic College in China

NIIT has unveiled its Flagship Training Centre at Tongren Polytechnic College in China to develop a pool of next generation IT professionals in the field of Big Data and Analytics. Earlier in April 2016, NIIT entered into a strategic agreement with Guizhou province to help the provincial government build global quality talent in IT services and Big-data industry. Under this agreement the company now launches its flagship centre at Tongren, the 3rd largest city in the Guizhou province. The centre was inaugurated by Mr. Chen Yan, Mayor of Tongren City and Rahul Patwardhan, CEO, NIIT Ltd.

Tongren Polytechnic College is the foremost national level 12+3 education system college in the city. The flagship centre at the college is a part of public-private-partnership between Tongren municipal government and NIIT. Focused on developing talent in IT and Big Data, the centre will offer programs on IT software development and Big Data Technologies. For the first time ever, young professionals and students will have the flexibility to choose options from a range of multiple new-age career programs, aligned to the evolving needs of the knowledge economy. The smart and vibrant flagship centre is spread across 5000sq ft with a capacity to enrol 250 students.

Today, the world has entered the era of intelligent big-data economy (IBE). An economy in which the four previous productive sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, services and non-intelligent software services, are simultaneously being disrupted by the power of real-time massively-connected big-data intelligence (RMBI). Hence to ensure the continued fast growth towards developed high income country status and become the economical as well as technological powerhouse of the world for the next 100 years, it is imperative for China to adopt the next large emerging economic sector – IBE.

Speaking on this significant launch Mr. Rahul Patwadhan, CEO, NIIT Ltd remarked, “As part of the strategic deal signed with Guizhou province to help develop high quality scalable human capacity building model that will accelerate the pace of new technology adoption & skilling in the province, NIIT has initiated its flagship centre at Tongren. With our keen understanding of the changing skills requirement of the industry, NIIT is committed to support China in its human capacity building initiative.”

NIIT in China works through a very unique model called the “NIIT Inside model”. Under this model NIIT programs are embedded in University/College IT curriculum. Students may undergo a 4-year Bachelor Degree program or a 3-year Associate Degree program post 12th grade in Information Technology. Currently, NIIT curriculum is embedded into both these programs across multiple Universities and Colleges in China. While the University system continues to teach the rest of the subjects that a student undergoes such as Chinese language, science etc. to obtain a Bachelor Degree, the IT portion is completely from NIIT. The students get the degree or the associate degree from the University/Government and also receive a certificate from NIIT.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Prakash Menon, President, Global Skills and Careers Group, NIIT Ltd, said, “By setting the Flagship centre in Tongren, we are laying the foundation for the next phase of our growth in China and re-committing to create a talent pool armed with futuristic skill-sets aligned to the IT industry.”

Today, China has the opportunity through a planned transformation agenda, to reach full development status as an economy and society, by ensuring that it takes a leadership position in the emerging intelligent big-data economy (IBE). The most critical factor to ensure success is in having the right nation-wide skill development strategy. Towards this NIIT will help support the vision of the Government and would train students to develop the next generation of data scientists and business analytics professionals for opportunities in the Big Data industry.

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