NIIT aims to create a pool of ‘Ninja programmers’ having expertise in Python

NIIT has introduced ‘Programming using Python’ – the next generation programming for developers. Python is considered as one of the most preferred options today, for any high performance computing. The syntax of the language is designed to be readable. A recent study has shown that Python is one of the most in-demand programming language and is ranked second in the Top 10 Popular Programming Languages of 2015.

Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language having a large support community. Python codesare used in almost every application ranging from forecasting weather, air traffic control systems, Disney animations to information security applications. In addition, these code run behind many popular websites, such as YouTube, Bing, Instagram, etc.

The Programming using Python course from NIIT has been structured such that even a student with no programming knowledge can easily pick up the language. This course is also ideal for a student who has worked with Java or C# and now wishes to enhance his skills by learning another popular open source language.

Candidates who wish to apply for this course can visit:

Speaking on the occasion, Shivan Bhargava, Group President-Skills & Careers Group, NIIT said, “At NIIT we are leveraging our expertise by offering a course which will be transformational for students who want to become successful Python programmers. There is a Python framework for pretty much anything, from web apps to data analysis. Hence we aim to create skilled programmers for the industry through this course.”

The course offered by NIIT will help the students to construct program blocks using functions, understand construction of networked program using web services, store data to file, dictionaries and so on. Students will be trained under highly qualified experts and industry practitioners. Python is considered as an engaging programming language to learn, because of its interesting syntax features.

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