Nihilent launches ‘Humanizing Technology’ campaign

Nihilent hopes to strengthen its positioning as a human-centric organization through the new campaign with the premise that technology must elevate the human experience to be truly relevant

Nihilent, the global consulting and change management organization using a human-centric approach to problem-solving has launched a new multimedia brand campaign, ‘Humanizing Technology’. Reflecting on this campaign, LC Singh, director and executive vice chairman, Nihilent said: “Our intention is to humanize every business and technological transformation across the globe. Whether it is interactions with the physical world or the dynamic digital experiences of always-on life, we are ensuring that human aspirations and goals take the center stage.”

The company says that after two decades of ushering in systemic change management, it is evolving to the next level and bringing in the much-needed relevance to human problems facing enterprises today. Minoo D Dastur, president and CEO, Nihilent commented: “The reason to do this now is that technology and businesses need to evolve and made responsive to human emotions for the larger purpose of enriching the overall human experience.”

The campaign was conceptualized and executed by HyperCollective – A division of Nihilent led by advertising guru K V Sridhar ‘Pops’, Global Chief Creative Officer, Nihilent. On the development, Pops said, “Nihilent is at the forefront of ushering in this change through this bold new approach of putting humanity at the center of all things to create a richer human experience. Technology is the enabling part that needs to constantly evolve.”

Giving more context to the campaign, Pops says, “Nihilent is imbued with the value of recognizing the humanity of each individual that collaborates with us. Hence, our culture works in a Human-To-Human approach. We believe that we are all inherently the same, and we have shared universal values and emotions. Beyond all the labels and roles, we are all humans.”

Nihilent already has IPs, and products like Emoscape to improve physical and digital content by analyzing and improving people’s emotional responses. Artoreal – an AR-enabled e-com platform that helps users make more informed choices when buying or selling art. Climalytics to analyze and predict weather’s impact on businesses. And ReSense to predict the impact of local and national events, user behaviour on retail.

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