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NIELIT Invites Applications for Online Course on Machine Learning, Participants to Get Certificates

NIELIT is offering an online course on Machine Learning using Python, which can be taken by interested participants and completed in 4 weeks

NIELIT is currently accepting applications for an online course called Machine Learning using Python, that can be completed in 4 weeks. The course aims at giving an insight of the basic concepts and techniques of machine learning as well as to give exposure on the use of the latest machine learning software for solving practical problems. There are 30 seats available under the course, and interested participants will have to enroll before 16 October 2021.

Participants will receive an e-certificate from the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology Haridwar (NIELIT) upon successfully completing the course. The participant, however, needs to maintain minimum 75% attendance during the online classes and is required to score a minimum of 50% marks in the online test in order to successfully complete the course. Candidates are required to have the latest computer or laptop and Internet connection with good speed. Furthermore, Anaconda, and Spyder for Python software needs to be downloaded from the respective websites.

What the NIELIT Online Course on Machine Learning Will Cover

The following topics will be covered over a period of 4 weeks under the Machine Learning using Python course:

  • Python.
  • Concept of data types and variables, assignments, and immutable variables.
  • Numerical types, arithmetic, operators and expressions, comments.
  • Collection.
  • Functions and arrays in Python.
  • Data manipulation using NumPy.
  • Data manipulation using Pandas.
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib.

Who Can Take the NIELIT Online Course on Machine Learning

The course can be taken up by participants with the following qualifications:

  • Fresh graduates who wish to build their career in machine learning.
  • Experienced professionals who want to switch to machine learning domain.
  • Faculty members, research scholars who want to specialize in machine learning.
  • Candidates are required to have familiarity with RDBMS, and a basic knowledge of Python.

The course costs Rs 1888, those who wish to apply are advised to go through the course brochure in detail for further information.

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